How to take a Flight Test in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy kept us glued to our seats with its excellent storyline and engaging side missions. One such side mission you will come across after your first Flying class is the Flight Test Side Quest. This quest will be given to you by the Broom Seller, Spintwitches store owner, Albie Weekes, in Hogsfield. All you need to do is travel to Hogsfield and talk to him. Remember that this mission will only appear after you have completed your first Broom Flying class in Hogwarts Legacy.

So, this article will guide you on how to take a Flight Test in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to take a Flight Test in Hogwarts Legacy

To start with the Flight Test, first, you will have to pay a visit to the Spintwitches in Hogsmeade. The Spintwitches Store sells brooms, so you will have to go and speak to Albie Weekes, the owner. Press F to start talking to him. He says that the shop has been closed because all the trade routes are disrupted. Like the Wand, all the brooms are performance-wise the same, except for the fact they aesthetically look different. Read here on how to get your first broom.

get the first broom

Look through what Albie Weekes has to offer. Interact with him, and firstly, sell all your unnecessary items so that you can gather enough gold for a good broom. After selling off, press Q to go into the buying tab and purchase your favorite Broom. He adds that he can provide upgrades if you provide feedback on how the broom performs. To do that, you will have to go and meet Imelda Reyes, a student from Slytherin, at the Quidditch Pitch to start the Flight Test.

imelda reyes

Now all you need to do is get out of Albie’s shop and follow the yellow marker. Remember that you won’t be able to use a broom inside Hogsmeade, so make sure you are outside the town. Press the Tab button on your keyboard, press 3 to equip, and start flying. You will have to press Shift to travel faster than normal. Get to the Quidditch Pitch and meet Imelda Ryes on the ground waiting for you. Press B to descend from the broom and interact with her. She will challenge or harass you with her sarcastic behavior for a broom race.

imelda reyes challenge

You must beat her best time, which is 2:20:53. You must complete the entire course by going through the large circles and bursting all the bubbles. There are a total of 22 rings that you need to cover within the said time. Use can steer the broom using your WASD buttons while to ascend the broom, press Space, and to descend the broom, press Ctrl on your keyboard. You can also boost your speed by pressing the left mouse button, which will suck in your broom speed mana. Remember that there will be a ring missed penalty of 3 seconds every time you miss a Ring.

broom test

After winning the race, a cutscene will start, and you will be asked to return to Albie Weekes. Please report to him, Albie Weekies, on your broom and let him know about your feedback. After the cutscene, the Flight Test Side quest is over, and you will have one of your Side Quests completed along with 180XP.

quest complete flight test

So this was all about how to take your first flight test in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is a third-person action-adventure game that is based on Harry Potter’s books and movies, but with a different storyline. This is a beautifully executed game from Avalanche Studios and Warner Brothers with a balance of being entertaining and, at the same time, being visually rich and filled with side quests that reward you with exclusive gears as well. This is a single-player-only game with RPG elements built into it.

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Last Updated on February 14, 2023

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