How many Planets are there in Starfield?

If you’ve watched the movie Interstellar, you’re going to absolutely love the upcoming ARPG Starfield. The game offers multiple Star Systems wherein you’ll be able to explore hundreds of planets in each one of those Star Systems.

With that being said, one might wonder how many planets actually exist in Starfield and how many of them are explorable, and in this article by Frondtech, we’ll be covering exactly the same, along with some other things that you need to know about the game Starfield, keep reading till the end!

How many Planets are there in Starfield?
Starfield Planets

While there were some rumors of the fact that Bethesda is coming up with something big, nobody expected it to be the biggest space-exploration RPG of all time. Players have witnessed teasers of the game, but nothing solid has been released yet that explains the whole inter-galactic system that the game features, and this has led to some speculation and rumors, but don’t worry, as we’ve got answers to some of the questions that are being frequently asked.

For instance, the game will be featuring over 1,000 planets, and players will be able to explore every single one of them! Not all of these planets will be “habitable,” though, so you might find yourself visiting some of them for a very limited time. It will take somewhere between 30-40 hours for an average player to get through the main campaign of the game. However, with all the optional stuff and side-quests being included, the number goes all the way up to 120 hours! We still doubt that players will be able to explore every single planet; however, it’ll be a very interesting task to do so!

As for the “Habitable Planet” part of the game, it is estimated that there’ll be about 100 habitable planets in the game that will include certain creatures on them that, who knows, you might need to battle with. Further, all of these Planets, Moons, and Space Stations will be procedurally generated, meaning that the world is truly, Limitless. 

As for the teasers, pre-released gameplay footage, and the released clips, Gargarin, Akila, and Jemison are some more-popular planets, and you’ll most likely have to visit these more often than others. Fun Fact: The world even has an Earth!

That’s everything you need to know about the number of Planets in Starfield.

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Last Updated on August 22, 2023

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