Destiny 2 – How to make the Contact Public Event Heroic

Wondering how to turn the new Contact Public Event into a Heroic one? Don’t Worry we got you.

Destiny 2 – How to make the Contact Public Event Heroic

Contact Public Event – What is it?

The Contact Public Event is a brand new Public Event that arrived in Destiny 2 with the Season 11 or Season of Arrivals update. The event can be currently found on IO only and would be soon added to Titan as well. Here is the exact location of the event:

The Contact Public Event is exactly like Gambit with few changes here and there. There is a Bank in the middle, you have to eliminate the enemies that spawn, collect the Dark Motes (Gambit has Light Motes) that drop from them and bank them. There are 4 bars that you need to fill in order to complete the event. The Recommended Power for this Public Event is 990 and the level of enemies go all the way up to 1040. So make sure you are properly geared up.

There is a timer and if you fail to fill the bars before the timer runs out then you fail the event. You have to wait in order retry again.

In order to speed up the process, just keep an eye for brown colored Rays from the Sphere above pointing towards different locations. Go to those locations and you will find them guarded by either a Barrier, an Unstoppable, or an Overload Champion. Eliminate them and a Bloom will spawn (A circular object). Take the Bloom and bank it, in order to get 10% progress added to the bars.

Finally, just eliminate the final boss that spawns in order to complete the Public Event.

How to trigger the Heroic Contact Public Event

Surprisingly, there is no set way to make the Contact Public Event Heroic. The event goes Heroic automatically as soon as you reach the final round. This very strange as Public Events in Destiny 2 have secret mechanics that you have to trigger in order to make them Heroic.

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Last Updated on June 10, 2020

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