Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build for Nightfall in Destiny 2

The “new” King’s Fall Raid is here, some brand-new exotics, a completely new activity, a new artifact, and sitting at the top, is obviously the Arc 3.0 rework. Honestly, Bungie has done an excellent job with Arc 3.0. After being dead for ages, the Arc Subclass is once again viable. It feels like a breath of fresh air. With that being said, here is my best Titan Arc 3.0 Build:

Arc 3.0 - Destiny 2 Season 18

My Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build

I didn’t post a build immediately after the arrival of Season 18, because there were a lot of fragments that were still locked. And I didn’t want to post a lackluster build. So I waited for the King’s Fall raid to get unlocked along with the remaining Fragments. So now is the perfect time to create a nice Arc 3.0 Build.

After testing for 2 days straight, here is the Arc 3.0 build that I finally decided to settle with. And which I have already used during 1 successful King’s Fall raid run and multiple Glassway Nightfall runs.

This build mentioned below is a bit outdated. I have a better Titan 3.0 Arc build for doing GM Nightfalls, now. Check it out here.

Super Ability Thundercrash
Class Ability Rally Barricade
Jump or Movement Ability Strafe Lift
Solar Melee Thunderclap
Solar Grenade Pulse Grenade
Aspect Slot 1 Touch of Thunder
Aspect Slot 2 Knockout
Fragment Slot 1 Spark of Resistance
Fragment Slot 2 Spark of Shock
Fragment Slot 3 Spark of Ions
Fragment Slot 4 Spark of Magnitude
Kinetic Weapon Slot Whatever weapon the activity demands.
Energy Weapon Slot Whatever weapon the activity demands. For neutral activities, a Brigand’s Law with the Voltshot perk is extremely fun
Power Weapon Slot Any Linear Fusion Rifle. I use Reed’s Regret and Stormchaser
Helmet Any Legendary Helmet with Solar Affinity (has to be Resilience-focused)


Mods: 2x Ashes to Assets / 1x Ashes to Assets and 1x Ammo finder (if you are using a special weapon), Font of Might
Titan Helmet Mods - Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build

Gauntlets Any pair of Legendary Gauntlet with Stasis Affinity (has to be Resilience-focused)


Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 1), First Champion Mod, Second Champion Mod (You can use Grenade Kickstart if you are doing an activity with no Champions), High-Energy Fire.

Titan Gauntlets Mods - Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build


Chest Armor Heart Of Inmost Light Exotic
Mods: Discipline Mod (Level 3), 2x Thermoshock Plating (Available from the Artifact), Elemental Ordnance
Titan Chest Armor Mods - Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build
Leg Armor Any Legendary Leg Armor with Arc Affinity (has to be Resilience-focused)


Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 3), Scavenger Mod for your Heavy or Special Weapon, Well of Ions, Invigoration (not mandatory)
Titan Leg Armor Mods - Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build

Titan Mark Any Legendary Titan Mark with Solar Affinity


Mods: Resilience Mod (Level 3), 2x Bomber / 1x Bomber and 1x Bad Amplitude (Artifact Mod), Elemental Charge
Titan Mark Mods - Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build

The Synergy

If you just came here for the build and didn’t care about understanding it, you can feel free to leave. The table above is all that there is to it.

Let me start with the MVP of this Arc 3.0 Build, which is your Pulse Grenade. This build is all about creating a ton of Ionic Traces and getting back your Arc abilities as soon as possible.

Now one might ask, “If this is a Grenade-focused build then how are you supposed to get a lot of Ionic Traces?” Well, that is where the Touch of Thunder Aspect comes into play.

If you have Touch of Thunder equipped then your Pulse Grenade will create Ionic Traces periodically as it damages targets and increases in damage over time. So as soon as you throw your Pulse Grenade on enemies, it will damage them and release Ionic Traces, which will travel towards you and give you back energy for all your abilities. The Spark of Magnitude fragment will increase the duration of your Pulse Grenade. The longer it stays, the more Ionic Traces you will get.

The Heart Of Inmost Light Exotic will help you reduce the cooldown of your abilities even further. If you do not have this exotic, this build won’t work for you, unfortunately. The Intrinsic Perk of this Exotic, Overflowing Light, states:

  • Using an ability (grenade, melee, or Barricade) empowers the other two abilities. Empowered means abilities have faster regen, melees and grenades do more damage, and Barricades have more hit points.

So start by throwing your Grenade, and immediately pop your Class Ability and Melee. As soon as you use one ability, your other two abilities will get the “Empowered”. As a result, they will deal more damage and refill faster. For example, if you use your Barricade, your Melee and Grenade will become “Empowered”. They will deal more damage and their cooldown will also get reduced.

The 2x Bomber perks will reduce the cooldown of your Grenade even further. On top of that, because of the Elemental Ordnance mod, you will be generating Arc wells on Grenade Final Blows. Pick up the Arc wells to get a further reduction to Arc ability cooldowns.

The Arc wells allow you to become Charged with Light due to the Elemental Charge Mod. And as soon as you become Charged with Light, your weapons will start doing more damage, due to the High-Energy Fire Mod. Picking up the Arc wells will also boost the damage of your Arc Weapons, as you have Font of Might equipped.

At one point, you will be getting your Grenades back in 2-3 seconds. Your grenades are really important because you will be using them to Jolt Champions and other Yellow bar enemies, and the Spark of Shock fragment will help you do that. You will get Ionic Traces from Jolted enemies as well, due to the Spark of Ions fragment.

To show you how everything works, here is a video where I am solo-ing a Nightfall with this build. Pay close attention to the regen rate of my abilities:

Speaking of survivability, I have to agree that this build is nowhere as tanky as Solar. But, you shouldn’t have any problem surviving as the Knockout aspect gives you Health Regeneration and makes you Amplified on Melee Final Blows. Since Thunderclap can hit enemies from a distance, you don’t have to worry about getting one-slapped to oblivion. In case, you find yourself surrounded by enemies, don’t worry. The Spark of Resistance fragment makes you more resistant to incoming damage when surrounded by combatants. But, that doesn’t mean you have the liberty to jump around in front of Champions in Nightfalls. Remember to always shoot from the cover.

Coming to the Super, I had to go with Thundercrash. It has a lower cooldown than Fists of Havoc and has probably one of the highest damage among super. This super is a blessing when it comes to defeating Nightfall bosses.

Before I conclude this guide, I just want to say that I am currently using this build personally, and I have done 1x King’s Fall Run, 1x Solo Glassway Nightfall Legend Run, and multiple Nightfall runs with my friends. There is a 100% chance, that you already know about an Arc 3.0 build, that is probably better than mine in every way. And that is fine. I am just doing my part for the Destiny 2 community.

My Best Titan Arc 3.0 Build

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any addition to make regarding this topic, then also you can comment below. And for more Destiny 2 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

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