Ramattra Guide – Overwatch 2 (Abilities, Tips and Tricks)

With the Overwatch 2 Season 2 update comes Ramattra, the 2nd hero to be released in the sequel after Support Hero, Kiriko. In this Frondtech guide, let’s acquaint you with Ramattra’s kit and how to utilize it best to begin winning your tank games in Overwatch 2. Here are his abilities in each of his forms and how we suggest you use them:

How to Play Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Omnic Form

Ramattra Omnic Form - Overwatch 2

Primary Fire (LMB) – Void Accelerator:

Void Accelerator - Ramattra Abilities

  • Ramattra uses his staff to fire a stream of ‘nanite’ projectiles with unlimited range.
  • It is important to note that these projectiles do extra damage on headshots and have no damage fall-off BUT travel very slowly. So, don’t expect to get easy kills on enemies with erratic movement (Lucio) and especially flying targets such as Pharah and Mercy.
  • Treat it as a ‘poking’ tool to generate Ultimate Charge by mainly shooting Tank heroes (always aim for the head) and occasionally harassing semi-stationary targets like a scoped-in Ana or Widowmaker.

Secondary Fire (RMB) – Void Barrier:

Void Barrier - Ramattra Abilities

  • Brings up a 1000 HP barrier at the targeted location that lasts 5 seconds and has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
  • The deployment of this barrier is similar to Mei’s ‘Ice Wall’ ability and can only be placed on flat surfaces on the ground, unlike Sigma’s floating ‘Experimental Barrier.’ So you can use it to block damage from the front but not from, say, a D.Va Bomb or Pharah’s Barrage ultimate.
  • Deploying the barrier behind an enemy tank to cut off heals is a fantastic strategy to force them back.

‘E’ Ability – Ravenous Vortex:

Ravenous Vortex - Ramattra Abilities

  • Ramattra’s ‘snare’ ability. It can be used in both forms.
  • Pressing ‘E’ will fire a ball of nanites that explodes upon hitting the ground and spreads a cylindrical-shaped damaging field.
  • Besides taking damage over time, any enemy that falls prey to this ability will be pulled toward the ground and have their movement slowed significantly.
  • Since the area of effect and the vertical range are not that massive, it is not a good idea to always target a flying Pharah or Echo with the vortex.
  • Instead, use it when you find enemies grouped together to hold them in place while you punch them with your ‘Pummel’ ability in Nemesis form.
  • Being an excellent snaring ability, you can use Ravenous Vortex to quickly punish an over-daring Lucio or a Tracer trying to harass your backline Supports.

L-SHIFT Ability – Nemesis Form:

  • Ramattra sheathes his staff and hulks out into his NEMESIS Form, in which he has the following abilities:

Nemesis Form

Ramattra Nemesis Form - Overwatch 2

Primary Fire (LMB) – Pummel:

Pummel - Ramattra Nemesis Form Abilities

  • This ability allows Ramattra to deliver powerful punches that can pierce enemy shields and travel through multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • Although it is a ‘punch’ ability, the range is not similar to a melee attack. Because these punches generate energy waves with each swing, the damage spread and range, in terms of effectiveness, are very similar to Reaper’s Hellfire shotguns.
  • Get up close and personal with your opponents before switching forms.

[PRO TIP]: Since Pummel does ~60 damage with each blow, landing 3 hits on a 200 HP target and canceling the last attack with a melee attack is the best combo to finish any Damage heroes off except: Bastion, Reaper, Mei, and Cassidy.

Secondary Fire (RMB) – Block:

Block - Ramattra Nemesis Form Abilities

  • Ramattra crosses his arms to reduce damage taken from the front by 75% while moving 50% slower.
  • Since this ability can be toggled like Reinhardt’s ‘Barrier Field’ (no cooldown), you can weave in and out of the blocking stance whenever necessary while in the Nemesis form.
  • Surprisingly, the block is also effective against AOE Ultimates such as Hanzo’s ‘Dragonstrike’ and Torbjorn’s ‘Molten Core’ given that you are facing the right direction.

‘E’ Ability – Ravenous Vortex:

  • Same as the Omnic form.

Ultimate Ability: Annihilation

Ramattra Ultimate Ability

Think of it as an evil Transcendence. Upon activation,

  • Ramattra enters Nemesis Form and creates an energy swarm surrounding himself.
  • This swarm will lash out towards nearby enemies, dealing constant damage.
  • The ultimate duration is only 3 seconds, but here’s the catch: it is paused for as long as any enemy stands close to the ultimate’s AOE! Meaning: you can keep the ultimate going (INFINITELY!) as long as your targets (or you) are alive after activating it.
  • This ultimate will indeed prove to be one of the, if not the best, tank Ultimate in the game, as it can drain the life forces of multiple targets in such a large radius.
  • For the duration of Annihilation, you can use your Pummel, Block, and Ravenous Vortex abilities as you usually would when manually switching forms.

We strongly advise you to try out our newest Tank hero on the Practice Range before joining a multiplayer match! Learn his cooldowns and the spread/range of his various attacks and abilities.

Overwatch 2 is all about making the most of your abilities and effectively working around your hero’s cooldowns. And, as is often the case, practice makes perfect!

Stick around for our upcoming guide on ‘How to Counter Ramattra in Overwatch 2’!

Article submitted by ~ Soumyajit Mukherjee.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2024

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