Best Masterwork Weapons In Anthem

One of the main attractions of Anthem is obviously the weapons and everybody wants to have all of them in their inventory. Especially the Masterwork Weapons. The Masterwork Weapons are basically like the Exotic Weapons in Destiny where each Exotic Weapon has a distinct perk. Masterwork Weapons are the most powerful weapons in Anthem that a player can have and they all are very interesting. But out of all Masterwork Weapons there are some that are even better than the rest. Here is a list of the Best Masterwork Weapons in Anthem :

Here are the Best Masterwork Weapons In Anthem

Best Masterwork Weapons In Anthem [Weapon #1]


Avenging Herald is a Heavy Pistol and probably one of the best Masterwork weapons in the game if not the best. The Masterwork Perk of this weapon is a bit overpowered to be honest. The Masterwork Perk of this weapon is when you hover in the air your damage increases by 200%. This perk applies to your javelin regardless of whether you have this weapon in your hands or holstered. So as long as you have Avenging Herald equipped you will get 200% damage increase every time you hover.

Even though this weapon is the slowest out of all the heavy pistols, the base damage is the highest on this one. Some players are even claiming that if you have this weapon then you do not need to use anything else. And the best part about this weapon is that you can carry two Avenging Heralds and stack the damage increase which will give you an insane 400% damage boost.

Best Masterwork Weapons In Anthem [Weapon #2]


The second weapon on our list is an Assault Rifle and it is the Ralner’s Blaze. The Masterwork Perk of this weapon is pretty useful as it ignites the target on a hit-streak. You hit your target 5 times with Ralner’s Blaze and you will ignite them as well as Prime them. This weapon can automatically Prime enemies for you. And let us not forget the fact that out of all Assault Rifles Ralner’s Blaze has the highest damage. Which means not only you will be hitting your targets hard but setting them on fire at the same time which does ticking damage and also Priming the targets for combos.

This is probably one of the best Masterwork Perks in Anthem as it releases you from carrying abilities for Priming targets giving you more flexibility.

Best Masterwork Weapons In Anthem [Weapon #3]


Siege Breaker is a Masterwork Sniper Rifle and it is definitely the most useful weapon in the game. Even though this weapon does not provide a huge amount of damage output but the utility it provides can save you and your team a lot. The Masterwork Perk of Siege Breaker is very interesting and fun to play with as it freezes the target on a hit-streak of 3. Not only that but it also Primes the target for you to combo. This sniper rifle functions almost as a assault rifle as the damage is not as high as other sniper rifles but the fire rate is significantly higher than the other sniper rifles.

This weapon is so useful in getting out of tough situations where escaping is more important than dealing damage. The only problem with this weapon is that it has a small magazine size. So you will be finding yourself reloading a lot. We would recommend using this weapon as a utility weapon and not as your main damage dealing weapon.

Best Masterwork Weapons In Anthem [Weapon #4]


Yes, we have another assault rifle in this list and it is the Divine Vengeance. It is a tie between Ralner’s Blaze and Divine Vengeance as both of these weapons are extremely good. It is very hard to choose the best one out of these two and one is completely different from the other. The Masterwork Perk of Divine Vengeance is large fire explosions on every third weak point hit. This weapon is devastating in the hands of those players who go for headshots and weak point hits most of this time.

The damage that the explosive damage does is almost 5-10 times more than the normal per bullet damage on this weapon. This weapon is very useful for bosses that have huge weak points. And you can increase the damage output even further by going with an explosive build.

Best Masterwork Weapons In Anthem [Weapon #5]


The final weapon on this list is the Thunderbolt Of Yvenia. This one is a Marksman Rifle and it’s Masterwork Perk is that it as 33% chance to deal large electric damage. The electric damage is very significant when is procs. But do keep in mind that the shots do not detonate or Prime targets. They are just explosive damage much like Divine Vengeance and it is pretty good to be honest.

The perk on this one is good and some even say that it is better than Divine Vengeance. But the problem is the perk is not very exciting and there are other masterwork weapons that have this same perk.

So that was our list for Best Masterwork Weapons in Anthem. The choices are completely based on our personal opinion and feedback that we got from reddit. There can be other weapons that you feel are better than the weapons mentioned here and we respect your choice. Once again this list is completely based on our personal opinion which we developed after playing the game and you can obviously beg to differ. Let us know in the comments what other Masterwork Weapons you think should be in this list.




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