Destiny 2 – How To Get The Recluse SMG – Season 6 Crucible Pinnacle Weapon Guide

The Season Of The Drifter update dropped for Destiny 2 and the update has brought many new changes and content in the game. One of the most important features about this new update is the addition of new Pinnacle Weapons. The Crucible, The Gambit, The Vanguard, all three got their own Pinnacle weapons with this update.

There is no doubt that all three weapons are good but the one that everyone is excited about, as always, is the Crucible Pinnacle weapon. The Pinnacle weapon for Crucible that came with the Season of the Drifter is called The Recluse.

The Recluse is a a SMG and its perk say that kills with any weapon will improve this weapon’s damage for a short time. Now we all know that obtaining Pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2 is always the hardest of grinds. But this time Bungie decided to turn down the difficulty a bit. Here is how to get The Recluse smg in Destiny 2:

How To Get The Recluse SMG in Destiny 2

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 1

First you need to go to The Tower

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 2

Head over to Lord Shaxx

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 3

Upon visiting Lord Shaxx, you will notice that he has a new Legendary Quest called “From the Mouths of Babes” in his Pursuits tab or Tab II

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 4

Claim the Legendary Quest, it will go straight to your inventory in the Pursuits section

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 5

Once you have the quest just bring your mouse pointer on that quest. You will notice that it is asking you to complete a Triumph called “The Stuff Of Myth”. It is a Crucible Triumph.

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 6

In order to know more about “The Stuff Of Myth” Triumph, head over to your Triumphs page.

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 7

Now go to your Crucible Triumphs

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 8

Now click on the Glory Ranks tab on the left

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 9

On the first page you will notice the triumph, “The Stuff Of Myth”.

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 10

In order to complete this Triumph you need to get 100 Crucible wins to fill up the Win bar. 1 win in Quickplay of Crucible fills the bar by 1%. Competitive adds more

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 11

You also need to reach the Fabled rank in Crucible. Here are the ranks for Crucible:

  1. Guardian
  2. Brave
  3. Heroic
  4. Fabled
  5. Mythic
  6. Legend

Many players mistake Valor ranks with Glory ranks. You can increase you Valor rank by just playing Quickplay or Iron Banner in the Crucible. But to increase your Glory rank you need to play Competitive Crucible. And to get The Recluse you need to reach Fabled rank by playing Competitive Crucible. Competitive Crucible is not as forgiving as normal Crucible because you lose Glory points when you lose the game. So, try to win as much as possible. Getting win streaks will help in this process a lot,

How To Get The Recluse SMG Step 12

Once you have complete all the steps, visit Lord Shaxx and he will give your your Crucible Pinnacle weapon, The Recluse smg.

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024

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