How To Improve Or Decrease Anthem Loading Times

How To Improve Or Decrease Anthem Loading Times

The launch of EA’s action role-playing title has been very rough lately. Anthem has been getting bad reviews left and right. There are a large number of performance issues in this game. Even though some of the performance issues like lag and fps drops cans be fixed with few tweaks here and there, there are certain issues that do not have an easy fix.

One of the biggest issues in Anthem is it’s loading times. The loading times are frequent and horribly long. The Day 1 patch seem to have solved the issue for a lot of people, some players are still witnessing long loading times.

The problem is mainly for players who are running this game on a HDD. Here is screenshot from a Reddit user who shows that Anthem has read 610GB from his hard drive in just two hours.

This more or less explains why the loading times are so slow on a regular HDD. The loading times are worse on 5400 RPM Hard drives when compared to 7200 RPM Hard drives.

The only permanent fix we found for the long loading times of Anthem is using  a SSD. It is sad to see that there are no other potential fix to this. We know that spending money on a component just to fix  a certain aspect of a game is stupid. But there is no other way.

Most of the problems with Anthem got fixed as soon as we installed this game on a SSD. We will go ahead and provide an Amazon link to the cheapest SSD we could find from a decent brand. But we certainly do not recommend spending money for this small issue which might definitely get fixed in the future with some patches.

SSD: Kingston A400 SSD 120GB SATA 3 2.5” Solid State Drive SA400S37/120G – Increase Performance




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