How to Unlock WSP Akimbo Brace Stock in MW3

In the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, one of the Aftermarket Parts Conversion Kit is the WSP Akimbo Brace Stock. This is for the WSP Swarm in the game. So, if you are hoping to unlock it or are confused about how to do so, you have come looking at the right place. Don’t worry, I have you covered. Keep reading to know all about the WPS Akimbo Brace Stock in the game, its Converted weapon, and how you can unlock it in the game!

WSP Akimbo Brace Stock in MW3 - How to unlock

How to unlock WSP Akimbo Brace Stock in MW3

There are two methods that I will be explaining to you to unlock the WPS Akimbo Brace Stock in the game. They are by completing the 5-week 3 challenges and through the Armory unlock challenges to follow. 

So talking about the first one, to get the WPS Akimbo Brace Stock pretty early on in the game, you need to complete the 5 Week 3 Challenges in the game. This can be done in any of the two modes: Multiplayer or Zombies. When you are done with or have 5 completed challenges in any of the modes, then the WPS Akimbo Brace Stock will get added to the attachments that you have available. 

Now, get to the second method by which you can get the WPS Akimbo Brace Stock. So the thing is, this is unlockable during the 4 weeks that lead to Season 2 of the game. Moreover, in the pre-season, there are not going to be any armory unlock challenge that corresponds to such given above. Although don’t get too worried about it, when Season 1 begins and starts to get the new Weekly challenges for you, the WPS Akimbo Brace Stock will make an entry into the armory and then will also subsequently be available for you to unlock through a challenge of its own. 

As I have mentioned, the WPS Akimbo Brace Stock is a full conversion kit for the WPS Swarm. It functions the same way as the Akimbo Rear Grip attachment (mostly kept for handguns). So, when you have it equipped, the Aftermarket part would enable you to not just dual-wield the gun but also give you an improved weapon swap speed and hip-fire spread. However, it will cost you mobility and damage. 

That pretty much sums up all there was to know about How to unlock WPS Akimbo Brace Stock in MW3. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Last Updated on December 24, 2023

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