Will Enshrouded be on Xbox Gamepass?

Enshrouded is a Role Playing Action Game that was developed by Keen Games. This is primarily a survival game that is set in a remote continent filled with mountains, and deserts, and it features an open-world style gameplay where you are free to choose as per your will and that will shape your destiny. But there is one question for all Xbox Gamepass subscribers, and that is whether Enshrouded will be on Xbox Gamepass or not. So this article has everything that you need to know regarding Enshrouded and its release on Xbox Game Pass.

Will Enshrouded be on Xbox Game Pass

Will Enshrouded be on Xbox Game Pass?

Sadly, no! Enshrouded will not be on the Xbox Game Pass lineup. Since this is an Early Access launch, it will be exclusively limited to the Steam Platform only and hence it won’t be there in the Xbox Gamepass. However, including it would have been better for the developers, as they would then cater for a much larger audience and player base post-launch.

Although the Developers did promise that the final and the full version of the game will be making its way to the consoles as well, especially the current Gen Playstation 5 and Xbox Consoles or the upcoming next-gen PlayStation 5 Pro, during this early access phase, developers will have the maximum amount of time to develop and refine the game’s core mechanics based on all the community feedback it receives before launching the final and full version of the Enshrouded 1.0 on the current and next-generation consoles.

Although nothing is confirmed at the time of writing this article, there is a minuscule chance that Enshrouded gets under the Gamepass umbrella, but rest assured, that is not happening anytime soon. So if you want to experience this Coop Survival Action RPG Game on Day 1 itself, then it’s better to get it from Steam as of now.

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Last Updated on January 17, 2024

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