Which Gore Weapons should you use in Shadow Warrior 3

SW3 Best Gore Weapons – One of the most awaited games, Shadow Warrior 3 has already been released, and we are having a lot of fun slaying down the monsters with the Katana sword. Although the game received some amount of negative criticism from the Game reviewers, we are still having a lot of fun as it introduces the Grappling hook, Wall Running and the executions, for the first time in the Shadow Warrior series. We didn’t find much of a problem running this game, and the game launched without any issues, for us. Also, there was no stuttering, fps drops, or crashing issues, to ruin the experience.

Shadow Warrior 3 has brought a new set of Gore weapons, which is a really fun and exciting way to take down enemies. With Gore weapons, you change the tide of any battle by tearing and ripping your way through the hordes of enemies. Not all Gore weapons are powerful and effective, some are less effective against the Yokai as well. So this article will guide you on the best Gore Weapons you should use in the Shadow Warrior 3.

These Gore weapons are one of the most effective weapons to survive the arenas in the game. Lo Wang uses weapons that you steal from the enemies that you come across by performing finishers. Performing these finishers successfully will grant you a Gore weapon. Although it can be used for a limited amount of time, it is still worth it as it can help clear large hordes of enemies instantly. But as we said before, not all enough gore weapons are good enough to take down these crazy enemies.

best gore weapons in shadow warrior 3

Best Gore Weapons to use in Shadow Warrior 3

There are a total of 10 Gore weapons and tools in Shadow Warrior 3 game and there are different ways of acquiring them. Gore weapons are time centric weapons, so make the best use of them when you need to clear crowds of enemies. Before you can perform an execution, you need to have enough Finisher points. As different Gore tools are found on different types of enemies, you will not get the same gore tool from two different enemies.

Here is a full list of Gore weapons and tools in Shadow Warrior 3.

Gore Tool/ Weapons Finisher Bar Required Description Enemies on which these Gore Weapons/Tools are found 
Brain Tonic 1 Finisher Bar This Brain Tonic doesn’t deal any damage. It gives +100 health as an addition over the existing health. This is a great tool for reviving yourself and staying alive when the enemies are becoming too much for you to handle, and you need a quicker defence. Shogai
Brain Freeze 1 Finisher Bar The Brain freeze is throwing grenade-like throwable weapons which can freeze the toughest enemies in its proximity. It triggers on impact. Kugutsu
Equalizers 2 Finisher Bars The Equalizer is a two-handed heavy weapon, and it can be used simply for attacking and slamming demons. Oni Hanma
Disco Grenade 2 Finisher Bars The Disco Grenade is again a throwable grenade that shoots lasers on impact. It doesn’t deal heavy damage, but it has a large surface area coverage which stops the enemies in their paths. Laser Shogun
Penetrator 2 Finisher Bars The Penetrator is a huge drill that mows the enemies in front of you. It is sometimes difficult to control, but it deals heavy damage once you get to mow an enemy in front of you. It is not a great weapon for crowd control. Mogura Twins
Seeking Eyes 2 Finisher Bars One of the easiest Gore weapons to use in the game is the Seeking Eye. After getting it from the Seeking Shokera, just look straight towards the enemies and the flying eyeball will launch sharp spikes on the enemies. Seeking Shokera
Swarm Launcher 2 Finisher Bars The Swarm launcher is a ranged gore weapon. This weapon fires a lot of fireworks and before exploding they release more explosive fireworks. It is not the most powerful weapon, but great for crowd control. Swarm Launcher
Blade of Hattori 2 Finisher Bars A much bigger sword than Lo Wang’s Katana. The blade of Hattori is the best Gore weapon in the game and deals a lot of damage. If you try holding your attack button, it will cause the time to slow down, and you can highlight an enemy. Releasing the attack button, will make you fly towards the enemy and land on him with a much stronger attack. Hattori
Hungry, Hungry Heart 2 Finisher Bars The Hungry, hungry heart is a throwable grenade which creates a center of gravity pulling field. The gravity drags all the enemies that are nearby, thus giving you the opportunity to spam as many bullets and explosives that you can. It is another great weapon for crowd control. Chef Oburu Goruma
Double Trouble 3 Finisher Bars The Double Trouble is the only Gore weapon, for which you need to have 3 finisher bars and excecute Gassy Obariyon. This is a dual wielded machine gun type of weapon which is the best gore weapon to take down any demon in the game. This Double trouble Gun is worth all the trouble that you need to in order to acquire this weapon! Gassy Obariyon

So this was all about the best and which gore weapons you should use in Shadow Warrior 3.

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Last Updated on March 2, 2022

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