Where to find Krystyna’s Husband in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has a ton of quests and side quests. Most of them are quite straightforward, but some might throw you for a loop. One of them is a sidequest called Unyielding Flesh.

Unyielding Flesh is a sidequest that you unlock after reaching Yelesna. You get the side quest from a lady called Krystyna, who tells you that her husband Feodor is missing, and she needs your help to find him. The problem is, you don’t get the exact location of Krystyna’s husband. Instead, you get an area marked on the map. Now your job is to search the area and find Krystyna’s husband. You might think that searching for an area should be a piece of cake. But it gets very difficult as the area is stacked with Ghouls, who are constantly attacking you. But don’t worry, here is where you can find Krystyna’s husband in Diablo 4.

Krystyna’s Husband Location in Diablo 4

Here is the exact location of Krystyna’s Husband Feodor, in Diablo 4:

Krystyna's Husband location in Diablo 4

After you reach the area where Feodor is located, you will notice that he has been chained to some pillars, and there is a Mysterious Woman standing next to him. The name of that Mysterious Woman is Yulia. After seeing you and Krystyna, she will flee from that spot. Your objective will then get updated and your new objective will be to “Confront the mysterious woman”.

Follow the waypoint. It will lead to Yulia’s Location. Once you are near Yulia, she will say this:

It’s no surprise Feodor was drawn to me, but I have given only what was desired! His petty soul has been torn asunder by agony and ecstacy, but his flesh is unyielding. You will not interfere!

Yulia will then transform into an Elite called Yulia, the Hellbound. At the time of doing this quest, I was already level 11. So, it took me a few seconds to beat her. She is pretty squishy, so don’t sweat much.

Beat Yulia and go back to the location where you left Krystyna and her husband Feodor. After reaching the location, Yulia will say some stuff, and will ask you to pull out a dagger from Feodor’s chest, and that it is your reward. Go ahead and pull out the dagger. That dagger is a Rare Dagger called Blood-Barbed Blade, which you can use. That will mark the end of the Unyielding Flesh quest.

Unyielding Flesh Reward Diablo 4

Now, I did this quest on my Necromancer and got a dagger. I am not sure if the other characters get rewarded with the same weapon or not. If it is the same, consider letting me know in the comment section below.

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Last Updated on June 6, 2023

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