What is Might, Spirit and Vitality in Godfall

One of the first proper next-gen titles, Godfall is finally available for PC and PS5. The game belongs to the Looter & Slasher genre and people who have played games like Warframe and Destiny would properly relate to it.

There are a total of three major attributes that are present in Godfall. Might, Spirit and Vitality. Now the question is, what do these stuff mean and what are their purpose in the game? Let’s find out.

What is Might, Spirit and Vitality in Godfall

When you visit your Character menu or Equipment menu for the first time, you will notice that the stats card on the right has a bar and it has 3 colors. Red, Blue and Green.
Godfall - Equipment menu

  • Red represents your Might
  • Blue represents your Spirit
  • Green represents your Vitality

Every single piece of gear you wear in Godfall will have something common in them. On their stats card they will have a number in the middle followed by either Might or Spirit or Vitality written under it.

What is Might?

Might actually shows the DPS or Damage Per Second of your character’s build. If you are making a Might focused build, what it means is, you are increasing your DPS. The more Might you have, the more raw damage you will deal to the enemies.

What is Spirit?

Spirit in Godfall is related to your Life Stone Recovery rate and the damage of your abilities. If your character build is Spirit focused then you will have higher damage on your abilities. The higher is your Spirit, the more lethal your abilities will be.

What is Vitality?

Vitality in Godfall represents your character’s health or the amount of damage you can take. If you are going for a Vitality focused build, it means you are actually going for, what I call a ‘Tank’ build. This means you will be able to absorb more direct damage and it will directly affect your survivability.

So for example, if you wish do deal more damage with your weapons then you will have to equip only those pieces of gear that have Might written under it. You can obviously equip whatever you want and balance your Attributes bar. But that would only help you in the beginning of the game. To guarantee a better chance of survivability in the end game, go for a specific build.

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Last Updated on November 26, 2020

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