Stray Safe Codes

 Stray is an adventured game published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by BlueTwelve Studio. You’re playing as a stray cat who lost his way, alone and split from his family.

In this third-person adventure game, you will enter a brutal world with plenty of machines, robots, and viruses. Stray has various old mystery puzzles to flee from the cybercity. But sometimes, you need Stray safe codes to unlock a few of your puzzles.

Stray mainly holds two safes: The Slums Alleyway Safe and Midtown Merchant Shop safe, which will be helpful to level up your game. Yes, there are other locations where you will be needing a digicode, like The Flat door. But they aren’t safes. If you don’t know where to find them, follow this article to get yours.

Stray Safe Code

As I mentioned earlier, two safes can help you progress in your game. Check out below to get your safe’s code.

The Slums Alleyway Safe Code in Chapter 4

To unlock the Slums Alleyway Safe, use code 1283. Before that, it’s the first safe while in Chapter 4. You can find the safe in a trash bundle in an alley to the left of the steel roll. After that, don’t forget to show Alley Safe to Elliot; he’ll help you to expose the Duffer Bar, where you can find your code.

Stray Safe Code

Once you’ve reached the Duffer Bar, jump to the table and start to scratch the painting above the neon sign, It will show the code “1283” to unlock your safe and provide the eighth Music Sheet, which helps you to unlock the “Meowlody” Trophy.

Midtown Merchant Shop Safe in Chapter 10

To unlock the Midtown Merchant Shop Safe, you will have to type “2458” backward, or 8542. Before that, you can find the safe while exploring chapter 10. After that, you can get this option safe on the electronics store’s top shelf. Then move to the backside of the counter and check the paper illustrating the store’s section, which shows up the code 2458: edoC.

Once you have found the code try to climb down to the top till you reach the safe; next, you can use the code backward. This safe actually provides the Cat Badge, which helps you with the “Badges” Trophy.

The Slums Library Safe

Finally, the Slums Library Safe, but you don’t need any codes to unlock it since it has a key from the library’s rooftop.

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022

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