All Music Sheet Locations in Stray

The Stray is a highly anticipated game Single player game we have been waiting for a long time. The game was developed by the BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive.

This is a journey of a stray cat who fell into this cruel world populated by machines, robots and viruses to get back to its family. The game features an open-world third-person adventure experience by focusing more on the exploration and atmosphere elements in the game.

You can control the cat, solve puzzles, cross obstacles, and traverse various platforms. After a particular stage in the game, you will get a Drone called B12, which will help you store food items and will help you translate the robot language. You will face enemies known as Zurks, and keep in mind that these enemies attack in swarms.

To unlock the Meowlody Trophy, you must find all the Music Sheets in the game. But finding out all the music sheet locations can be challenging as you need to explore the whole map thoroughly and repeatedly to collect them all. Once you come across a music sheet, you must go near it and interact with it. Once you have interacted with the music sheet, you can pick it up. After collecting all the eight music sheets, you can use them to get the music badge and unlock the Meowlody Trophy in Stray.

So this article will guide you on how to get Music Sheets and where to find them in Stray.

Stray Music Sheet Location

There are a total of 8 music sheets in the game that you need to collect. Make sure you go through the entire article, as we will ensure you are not facing issues containing Music sheets in Stray.

Music Sheet Location 1

music sheet location 1

You will be able to find it in Momo’s apartment. All you need to do is climb a few vents and jump on the roof, and you will find an open window of an apartment. Go through it, and you will find the music sheet on the shelf. Use the boxes in the room to climb up.

Music Sheet Location 2

music sheet location 2

You can find it on the right side of Clementine’s apartment on a balcony. Use the pipe to get there, and once you are on the patio, you can see the music sheet on the table.

Music Sheet Location 3

music sheet 3

You will first have to find Elliot’s door to get the third one. It would help if you don’t climb anywhere. Roam around the area and see a brown door with a translate interactive button. Scratch the door, and as soon as Elliot opens the door, head inside the house. Inside the house, you can find the music sheet inside a portrait frame.

Music Sheet Location 4

music sheet 4

You can get the music sheet at the shop. You will first have to find the shop under a rubble pile. Likewise, you can trade your energy drink for the music sheet.

Music Sheet Location 5

music sheet 5

This sheet is located inside a bar, and you must head toward the upper floors. Once inside, you can spot the music sheet easily, which is placed on the second table near the pool table.

Music Sheet Location 6

music sheet 6

You will be able to find the sixth one in Clementine’s apartment. Getting inside the apartment is the same process as of Music sheet location 2. Once you are there, just jump on the pipe and go inside the apartment using the open window. The Music sheet will be right next to Clementine’s bed on a bookshelf.

Music Sheet Location 7

music sheet 7

You will be able to get the Music sheet inside a library. Once you come across the piano which is surrounded by books. Jump on the piano and collect the music sheet that is placed on it.

Music Sheet Location 8

music sheet 8

Get down from the staircase that leads to the street musician known as Morusque and continue going straight. Turn left when you find an ally. There will be a pile of rubble and further inspecting it you will be able to find a safe which can be opened with a combination code ‘1283’. Open it and collect the 8 and the last music sheet.

Once you have collected all 8 Music sheets head over to a street musician known as the Morusque. Give him the sheets one by one and once you have traded all 8 of them you will be able to get the Music badge as a reward and thus unlocking the Meowlody achievement trophy.

handover music sheet to this guy

So this was all about how to get and where to find Music Sheets in Stray.

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Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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