Where to find Energy Drink Cans in Stray

Stray Energy Drink Can Location – Stray is a highly anticipated game Single player game we have been waiting for a long time. The game was developed by the BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive.

This is a journey of a stray cat who fell into this cruel world populated by machines, robots, and viruses to get back to its family. The game features an open-world third-person adventure experience by focusing more on the exploration and atmosphere elements in the game. You can control the cat, solve puzzles, cross obstacles, and traverse various platforms.

After a particular stage in the game, you will get a Drone called B12, which will help you store food items and will help you translate the robot language. You will face enemies known as Zurks, and keep in mind that these enemies attack in swarms.

The Energy Drink Cans can be used as the in-game currency with the trader known as Azooz. The trader sells two collectibles: a B12 Drone Memory and one Music sheet. Here is a guide on collecting all the Music sheets for Morusque. You will have to collect the four energy drinks in the Slums if you want to get both the collectibles as a reward. It is also important to note that you will be able to spend time in the Slums in chapters four and six. You will be able to collect the energy cans while you are there, and you will need to trade in with Azooz by using those energy cans before moving on to the seventh chapter.

So this article will guide you on how to get Energy Cans in Stray.

All Energy Drink Can Locations in Stray

These are the locations where you can find all the energy drink cans in Stray.

Energy Drink Location 1

energy drink can 1

The first energy drink can be found in the vending machine in the Slums. Follow the road that leads to the street musician Morusque. On the right side, you will see two vending machines, one with the lights on. You will have to interact with the lit-up vending machine to get the Energy Drink Speed 2K Can.

Energy Drink Location 2

energy drink can 2

You will be able to get the second Energy Drink vending machine at the opening of the Slums. You will have to find your way down from the Guardian by following the twisted roads, and soon you will reach the dead end. This is the end where you climbed in during the closing moments of chapter 3 in the game. Once you are at the dead end, take a turn and follow the alley. Then you will have to turn to your left, and you will be able to find the Energy drink location 2. Interact with the Vending machine to get the Energy Drink Speed 2k can.

Energy Drink Location 3

energy drink can 3

You will find the third energy drink on the rooftops. You must start from the Momo Apartment and follow the orange sign. There will be a bucket from where you can go down and then jump on the right and follow the rooftops. You will be able to find a lit-up vending machine, that is red. Interact with it as you typically do to get the Energy Drink Speed 2K Can.

Energy Drink Location 4

energy drink 4

Finding this energy can be a bit confusing. To find the fourth Energy Can, you will have to get back to the entrance of The Slums, and you will have to follow a road down, which leads to some dark and windy areas. You will come across a robot watching a TV. There will be a flight of stairs next to the robot. There is a small platform on the top of the robot with a yellow vending machine. Get on that platform and interact with the vending machine to get the Fourth energy can in Stray.

Once you have collected all the four Energy cans, head over to Azooz, and you can exchange the energy cans for B12 Memory, which will cost you three cans and a music sheet which will cost you one can.

So this was all about how to get Energy Cans in Stray.

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022

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