How to Meow in Stray

Meow in Stray – The recent release from BlueTwele Studio welcomes you with its brand-new adventure, Stray, and it’s already started to boom on Pc and PlayStation.

In this indie game, you’re playing as a stray cat who lost his family in the brutal world of machines and robots like B-12. Once you reach the cyberpunk cityscape, you may see yourself in a serenade enjoying the eight stray sheet music locations from Momo’s apartment to energy drink from Azooz, the merchant. I know you’re relaxing for a while, but don’t forget to solve puzzles to reach your family.

Suppose you feel stressed out while solving mysteries, don’t worry. You’ll feel better once you figure out how to Meow in Stray. 

Before that, you should agree that hearing the sweet sound of a meow makes you feel better than those serenades, and it’s easy to do in Stray. But, if you’re struggling to find out how to do it, follow this article to Meow in Stray.

How to Meow in Stray

Here is how to Meow in Stray on different gaming platforms:

  • On PlayStation, directly press the Circle button to Meow in Stray.
  • If you are using a different controller, you can press the B button to Meow.
  • On PC, you can press the left Alt key on your Keyboard to Meow in Stray.

How to Meow in Stray

Don’t forget to try various pitches and tones repeatedly to make your lovely song.

Why should you Meow in Stray multiple times

  • Once you have completed your 100th Meow, get ready to decorate your inventory space with” A Little Chatty” trophy as your first reward in Stray, and do the same to acquire a Platinum Chatty.
  • You can also use your Meow as a light in your earlier stages that leads the direction of your journey.
  • Using meow, you can quickly grab the attention of Zurks and Sentinels, which will help you to distract them while stealth sequences in this adventure game.

And that is why you should keep “Meow-ing” in Stray.*Meow intensifies*

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022

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