Story Focused Vs Action Focused – Which mode to pick in FF16?

In the latest Final Fantasy 16, when players are presented with the option to choose between action and story-focused mode, they might wonder what they should pick; the following guide is here for the rescue. Due to the game being the first ‘true’ action RPG in the series, this new combat’s challenges might be difficult for a few. 

On the brighter side, the game has a few features that can ease such difficulty by a bit, which is a relief for all who want to experience the vast story that Final Fantasy 16 offers. So, read the guide below to find out what players should pick in Final Fantasy 16: Action or Story-focused?

Difference between Action and Story-focused in Final Fantasy 16

Between the Action and the Story-focused mode, there are two main differences. The first is that enemies are more difficult in Action. The second is that players start with two Timely Accessories already equipped in Story-focused.

Although it has not been clear how difficult the enemies will be in Action, if players are looking for a challenge, we suggest they opt for Action-focused mode. Moreover, it’s not that they’ll miss out on the Timely Accessories if they pick Action; it’s just that in Story-focused, two of these are, by default, equipped. 

Which mode should players pick in Final Fantasy 16?

Our recommendation is that players pick the Action-focused mode in the game Final Fantasy 16 because it is the closest to what the game developers wanted their players to play.
Action Focused FF16

Still, if a few players struggle with action combat systems in games or are less experienced with it, they can pick the story-focused mode, so they do not miss out on the narrative’s experience.
Story Focused FF16

Also, keeping in mind the fact that most of the Final Fantasy games have featured turn-based combat of some form or the other, it is not unimaginable that a few of the fans won’t really be enjoying the new combat system and would still want to see the story to its end. In such a scenario, the ideal option would be Story-focused mode. 

As previously mentioned, Timely accessories will also be available in Action mode (with a maximum of 3 accessories to be equipped at a time). However, if players are struggling, the additional two pre-occupied ones in the story mode will be helpful. 

Can players change difficulty in Final Fantasy 16?

One of the best news about the game is that players can change the difficulty at any time in Final Fantasy 16. This comes without any consequences or penalties!

This proves to be great if players come across a boss in the game, which they find quite challenging, and this might happen quite a bit, given the number of tough enemies scattered throughout Valentia. So, to fight the foes, players can pop the difficulty to story mode and return to action focused. 

To do so, players are going to need to head to the Game Settings tab of the Systems menu and then, under the Gameplay tab, switch between the two modes. 

Suppose players are a little unsure about committing to a full-difficulty switch. Equipping one of the Timely Accessories will give them a small bonus that can prove to be the difference between falling once again and beating a boss. If high-damage attacks hit players, equip the Ring of Timely Evasion to auto-dodge all the enemy attacks and stay alive.

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about Stay-focused vs Action-Focused – Which mode to pick in FF16? Stay tuned with us for further updates!

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Last Updated on June 21, 2023

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