How to get Ancestral Weapons and Armor in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, players will start to find the Sacred-tier gears upon reaching World Tier 3 at Nightmare Difficulty. These usually have higher stats than the standard gear. However, upon reaching World Tier 4, this will be supplanted by the Ancestral-tier gear.

The following guide covers all there is to know about where and how to get the Ancestral gear in the game Diablo 4 and what is so special about this gear compared to the normal and sacred ones. 

Ancestral Gear in Diablo 4

In World Tier 4 at Torment Difficulty, the currency of power is Ancestral gear, just like World Tier 3’s Sacred gear. At level 44, the normal gear usually stops to scale, which limits their stats compared to the sacred and ancestral gear. So when players get to World Tier 3, they should swap their normal gear for the Scared one. What Sacred gear is to normal gear is what here Ancestral gear is to Sacred gear. Though, unlike the normal gear, both the Ancestral and Sacred gears scale to the player’s level. 

Compared to the Sacred gear, Ancestral gear has higher stats, though this difference isn’t much pronounced between Sacred and normal. Compared to Sacred gear, in Ancestral gear, the stat ranges on DPS on weapons are usually quite higher, and the skill boosts too. Upgrading these should be a priority for the players. 

In the game, a huge majority of the drops of ancestral gear that players will get, in addition to the legendary and rare drops, are a few Uniques that will only be spawning as Ancestral quality items. So if you are someone whose primary purpose is to make the most potent build possible in the game and collect the best loot, then trust us, you want to be in World Tier 4. This is because, in most cases, Ancestral gear is the best you will get. 

How to get Ancestral Weapons and Armor in Diablo 4

While Sacred Gear has on its inventory icon a golden aura, the Ancestral Gear has a blue-white one. 

How to find and get Ancestral gear in Diablo 4

Players can get Ancestral gear from the available sources of loot in the game’s World Tier 4, like opening chests (as rewards from clearing Nightmare Dungeons or Events, Legion events), defeating enemies, and also opening Tortured Gift chests with Aberrant Cinders during Helltide events. 

Players will have to make the same gameplay loop they did in World Tier 3, and now instead of Sacred drops, look out for the Ancestral drops. 

Another thing to note is that players can gamble or buy the Ancestral gear, though they do not start appearing in the shops until they reach level 73. Keep an eye out for the blue aura in the merchant menus(to confirm it being Ancestral quality) or for gambling(as the chance to roll as an Ancestral item). Alternatively, players can also complete the Tree of Whispers’ tasks to get reward caches which might contain Ancestral gear. However, for this, too, players must be on level 73 at least. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about how to get Ancestral Weapons and Armor in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on June 20, 2023

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