Starfield: Subway Station Location from The Lodge at New Atlantis

Navigating throughout the different planets of Starfield can prove to be difficult sometimes, especially when you are constantly encumbered due to the extra weight from the items in your inventory. Fast Travel is out of the question because you cannot just fast travel to your ship when you are carrying more items than your weight limit. This becomes a huge problem during the initial parts of Starfield, when your carrying capacity is extremely low, and you are constantly tasked to visit multiple places. I faced something similar when I arrived at The Lodge on New Atlantis. I was supposed to visit multiple places after talking to Sarah, but I was also carrying a lot of items. The Subway Station or the Train Station at New Atlantis was god sent then.

I did most of my traveling inside New Atlantis using the Subway when I was carrying more weight than I was supposed to. But the problem is, this game doesn’t give you a clear path to the Subway Station after you come out of The Lodge. Don’t worry, here is how to go to the Subway from The Lodge.

Subway Station Location from The Lodge at New Atlantis

  1. Exit The Lodge
  2. You will notice a few trees in the middle.
  3. Go in the direction of the Tree shown in the screenshot below:
    Follow the Tree
  4. Once you cross that tree, follow the path shown in the screenshot below:
    Follow this path to reach the Subway - Starfield
  5. To know that you are taking the correct path, look to the left, and you should notice the “Reliant Medical” banner.
  6. Keep moving forward, and you should find yourself standing in front of this building:
    Building where the Subway or Train station is located in Starfield
  7. It should have “MAST” written on top/front of it.
  8. Enter the building, and you should notice an elevator in front of you.
    Elevator that takes you to the Subway Station in Starfield
  9. Take the Elevator and select “NAT Station”.
  10. Get out of the elevator, and you should have the Subway station in front of you.
    Train in the Subway Station in Starfield
  11. Now, take the train and go to whichever District you like in New Atlantis.

The Subway could be of immense help when you get out of The Lodge for the first time and you are overburdened with items. Your best bet is to store the extra items inside the storage of your ship. For that, you need to visit the Spaceport, as that is where all ships land. The problem is the Surface Map of Starfield is extremely garbage, and provides little to no directions. Also, walking to the Spaceport from The Lodge is not recommended. In such a situation, just follow the directions given above, hop inside the train, and zoom your way to the Spaceport. Thank me later.

So, that is all on “Subway Station Location from The Lodge at New Atlantis in Starfield”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

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