Starfield: Kill Warlord or Speak?

Warlord is the leader of the gang “Disciples” and they’re a gang full of artists that dab between graffiti and love killing people on the side. They go around the city of Neon tagging places and marking their territories, and you’d probably know this by now as you might’ve encountered the robot that was vandalized in revenge for losing two gang members in an earlier mission. Further, in this particular mission, you’ll be sent by Frank to deal with the Warlord and reach a conclusion, so there aren’t any problems. 

Eventually, in this quest, you’ll have the option to reason with Warlord or just straight up kill him, and the dilemma here is- what to do? If you’re struggling with making a decision here, don’t worry; we have your back with this guide. Keep reading till the end!

Starfield: Kill Warlord or Speak?

The two options you’ve got are either to kill him OR to talk it out, and it isn’t merely talking it out, as you’ll need to put your Persuasion skills to the test here. Further, Persuading Warlord can be quite a task as you’ll be required to fill up 4 or 5 bars of Persuasion, which is considerably tough to achieve. Hence, this drives our conclusion that It’s better to kill him simply

It’s better to kill Warlord, as eliminating him and his gang isn’t too hard. Further, you’ll get some extra rewards/benefits while doing so. For instance, you can eliminate Warlord and take his credits to Frank to get a payout of 3,800 credits. Further, you’ll get a “The Disciples” outfit from Warlord’s Corpse that adds to your inventory. 

Disciples Outfield Starfield

If you were to Persuade Warlord, you wouldn’t be getting the outfit (of course), and as we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s quite a task. You might need to use stuff such as Hippolyta or some other Persuasion-enhancing drink, but in our opinion, it isn’t worth the effort. Either way, the output reward of the mission is the same- 3,800 credits. 

If you were to Persuade Warlord, you’d also be able to visit him sometimes. However, no known benefit of doing that is known just yet. Hence, it’s just better to eliminate him (for now)! 

That’s everything there is to know about whether to kill Warlord or Persuade him in Starfield.

So, that is all on “Killing Warlord or Speak in Starfield”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 7, 2023

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