Starfield: Kill Ron Hope or Accept Credits?

Towards the end of the campaign, specifically in the Freestar Rangers’ main line of missions’ last quest, “The Hammer Falls” is a mission in which you’ll be required to make an ultimate choice, wherein you’ll be offered a bribe that comes contingent on a few factors and making the right choice here becomes non-negotiable. If you’re struggling with the storyline, keep reading this article until the end, as we get to the bottom to provide you with a solution! 

The plot here is that you’ll have the fate of Ron Hope in your hands, and eventually, you’ll be offered credits by Ron Hope in exchange for you letting him go and not turning him into Marshal. However, the stakes of this quest are quite high, and due to the same, the implications it might have going forward must be considered before you read this article. Here’s a fair Spoiler Alert. 

Kill Ron Hope or Accept Credits?

Spare Ron

The first time you confront Ron Hope, you’ll be in a solid position, as you’ll find yourself holding all the cards. Eventually, he’ll start bribing you to ensure you don’t report the dead farmer situation to the Marshall. However, the negotiation starts at around 20,000 credits. The best part about this is that this isn’t a fixed amount, and you’ll be able to negotiate up to 50,000 credits. You can either accept the bribe or reject it, but if you were to accept it, you’d have to lie to the Marshall.

On the contrary, if you were to reject the bribe, you’d still be able to urge Ron to cease all of his illegal operations. Either way, you will need to visit Marshall once you’ve dealt with this situation, and if you take the bribe, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll need to lie to him. 

Another fact you need to be aware of is that if you reject Ron Hope’s bribe, you’ll find yourself engaged in a gunfight with him within a few seconds. If you eliminate Ron Hope, eventually, when you visit Marshall Blake and report the whole situation to him, he will commend you for your actions.

Kill Ron Hope

Now, to accept or to reject the bribe?

No matter what you do, the reward you get from it will only make a difference. Even if you were to take the bribe, there wouldn’t be any consequences, and you would still be rewarded with the missions’ basic loot. You will get many credits, the title of a full Freestar agent, and the Star Eagle (a really good spaceship)!

Hence, we’d suggest that you go for it and accept the bribe; however, if you’re looking to clear your conscience, you might as well opt out of it. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with enough loot! 

That’s everything there is to know about whether to accept or reject Ron Hope’s bribe in Starfield.

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Last Updated on September 7, 2023

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