How to Sprint or Run Fast in Starfield

Starfield is finally out, and players have been waiting keenly for this for a long time. This is because the game is gargantuan, and the likes of it have only been seen in No Man’s Sky. It is an RPG set in an open world in space with approximately 166 hours of gameplay if you choose to spend 10 minutes on each planet in the game. Talking about Starfield, the game involves a lot of mechanics that players could have difficulty understanding, one such being running but running faster. Sprinting in the game is a great traversal mechanic, but only one of the several great ones. 

The game’s early stages can be a bit slow. To our rescue, however, the game does pick up after this section, and the pace gets quicker not too long after, thanks to the players learning how to sprint. This makes a huge difference, with the players completing their tasks much quicker by sprinting instead of walking.  However, this is not the only way to pick up the pace; a few caveats must be considered while sprinting. Keep reading to discover how players can Sprint/Run fast in the game Starfield!

Running in Starfield

To run in the Starfield game, players must either push (on Xbox) the left analog stick or (on their keyboard) hold the left shift key while they move around. Doing this depletes a player’s oxygen levels, visible on the screen’s bottom left-hand corner. If oxygen does run out while wearing a helmet, CO2 starts building up, which can lead to the player taking damage. 

A few things that can be done to combat this buildup of CO2 exist; the simplest one is to remove their helmet, although this might not always be an option depending on the player’s location. A skill that can come into use here is the Fitness skill, as it increases the available oxygen for the players and reduces the oxygen spent by sprinting if players have fully upgraded it. 

Fitness skill

Alternatively, carrying around with a player a lot of gear can also lead to increased oxygen usage during sprinting, so players can also consider carrying less gear to one of their companions or ships or increase their carrying capacity. You might wonder how to figure this out, but trust us, it’s pretty easy, as a message pops up in the screen’s top right-hand corner. 

Alternate Ways to Get Around Fast in Starfield

The fastest way in the game is the fast-travel system, and this mechanic can be used from nearly anywhere in the game as long as they are not carrying too much gear in their inventory. Another way is that players can choose to make map traversal faster by getting the boost pack and, from the Tech Skill Tree, unlocking the Boost Pack Training skill. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about How to Sprint or Run fast in Starfield.

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Last Updated on September 6, 2023

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