Starfield: Kill Hank or Persuade Him in Red Tape Reclamation

Hank, the person who attempted to steal a shipment of mining equipment, has to patiently await a decision from you as you’ve got three options: To Turn him in, Kill him, or just persuade him. While choosing any of these three will probably not impact the game’s main storyline, choosing the right option can ensure you walk away with some goodies, and we are here to guide you with the same.

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Kill Hank or Persuade Him in Red Tape Reclamation

Here’s a deeper analysis of your three choices:

If you kill Hank

If you kill Hank

Hank will take you to his ship just outside Cydonia to give up the gear, but it’s known that he’ll pull out a gun at any point, which he does. Once that’s done, you can choose to kill Hank simply; it’s not the best ending, and Trevor won’t be too stoked about this, but at least you’ll get the full reward of the mission. 

If you Persuade Hank to come clean

Persuade Hank to come clean

This is the best option out of the three. However, persuading Hank can be quite a task, so it’s recommended that you consume something like Hippolyta or any other persuasion-increasing consumable beforehand. Further, if you’ve got the Wanted trait on you before you start talking to Hank, this helps spin the wheel a bit quicker. If you successfully persuade Hank to turn himself in to the police, he’ll be willing to serve time for his actions. 

Your next action should be to call Booth in Cydonia’s Security office to ensure they know Hank is coming clean to the police about the theft. Once you’ve done so, you’ll get a full suit of Deimos Gear, some Iron for crafting, and 4,800 additional credits with the mission’s base reward in terms of XP. 

If you lie for Hank (cover for him)

If you lie for Hank cover for him

If you cover for the actions of Hank, you’d let him off the hook for his actions, and he’d keep his job at Deimos. You’d be telling Trevor that Hank had come to face some space pirates, and Trevor would not only believe this lie, but be curious to know what went down. If you choose to do this, nothing else happens; you’d get the base reward of the quest and let Trevor keep his job rather than spend some time in Jail: There are no other benefits, just Trevor on in a better mood. 

Of these options, of course, the one where you’re required to put your persuasion skills to use is the best, as you’d walk away with a lot more than you normally would. It’ll take some extra effort, but it’s worth it; hence, we highly recommend you do the same. 

That’s everything there is to know about whether to Kill, Persuade, or Lie for Hank in Starfield’s Red Tape Reclamation.

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Last Updated on September 13, 2023

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