Starfield: Choose Emissary or Hunter in Unearthed?

The choices you make as you progress along the way in Starfield uniquely shape the story, and towards the end of the main storyline, let’s say there are some dilemmas to face. One of those dilemmas would be the choice between Emissary or Hunter in the Unearthed mission, where you’ll be required to side with either Emissary, Hunter, or neither. 

Most of the choices to be made don’t have that great an impact on the subsequent events. However, this one does. Don’t worry, though, as we are here to guide you with the same. Keep reading till the end as we get to the bottom of it!

Choose Emissary or Hunter in Unearthed?

Hunter and Emissary have two very different views, and Hunter believes that the concepts of what’s wrong and right don’t matter when you look at the bigger picture. It’s only power and the ones too weak to seek it. On the other hand, the Emissary believes that the vast power of Unity should be reserved for the one who truly deserves it. Here, the choice lies with the player, and there’s essentially one of three to be made:

  • Side with the Emissary.
  • Side with the Hunter.
  • Side with neither.

At the point of the storyline where you’d have discovered the abandoned NASA facility, you’d also learn the truth about what happened to the Earth, and after this, you’ll come across Hunter and Emissary. Here’s a deep analysis of both of the choices and which one you should opt for

If you side with Hunter

If you side with Hunter, you will face Emissary as the game’s final boss. Further, if you complete the unique-to-Hunter Infinity’s End Side Quest (after you’ve sided with Hunter), you’ll be rewarded with a rare melee weapon: The Last Priest. Lastly, if you kill Emissary while being so, you’ll be reimbursed with the Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas and the legendary particle beam rifle: Eternity’s Gate.

if you side with Hunter in Starfield

If you side with Emissary

If you choose Emissary, you must face Hunter as the final boss.

if you side with emmisary - starfield

You’ll lose out on Infinity’s End Side-quest reward, as it’s specifically for the players who decide to side with Hunter. Rather, you’ll be rewarded with the Legendary Laser Rifle- Unmitigated Violence. Unfortunately, that’s all! (There’s also an incredibly low chance of you getting the Starborn Spacesuit as a drop from Hunter).
Unmitigated Violence Legendary Rifle - Starfield

If you side with neither

This is one of the worst choices to make in the game as if you don’t side with one of the Starborns, you’ll enter the Buried Temple on your own as you go up against BOTH of the Starborn. Further, players can obtain everything we’ve mentioned besides The Last Priest. Lastly, the difficulty increases greatly if you opt for this particular choice. 

With all that being said, you should probably know that it is possible to persuade any Starborn to skip the final fight. It isn’t a half-decent choice as it’s worth experiencing the same, so you might as well choose the better option. If you’re looking for benefits from both Hunter and the Emissary’s end, we recommend that you side with neither, but the drawback to this is that the difficulty increases by a lot as you do so.

But out of the first two choices, it’s smarter to side with Emissary as the rewards are significantly better than the ones you’d get off siding with Hunter.

So, that is all about “Choosing Emissary or Hunter in Unearthed”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

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