Starfield: Attach the Control Board or Deal with Ryujin Operatives in Juno’s Gambit

Juno’s Gambit is a quest in Starfield’s Lunara system which takes place in the ship that you had saved earlier. In the ship is an AI system that has gone rogue, and you’ll eventually be summoned by Ryujin Operatives to help with the situation.

In this quest, you’ll have a decision to make, and choosing the right option can ensure that you leave with a little more than you came with; hence, in this article, we’ll guide you with Juno’s Gambit Dilemma.

Should you Attach the Control Board or Deal with Ryujin Operatives in Juno’s Gambit?

As the quest begins, you’ll need to set the route towards the ship and dock it; eventually, as you walk into the other ship, you’ll meet with the Ryujin operatives. Here, you’ll also notice a dead body on the ground, and the operatives claim that the woman was killed by Juno (AI) as she tried to attach a control board to the AI. Your interaction with the operatives might be a little longer if you’re a part of Ryujin Industries. If you aren’t, though, there’ll be another set of dialogues. They’ll eventually ask you to attach the Control Board to Juno so the whole rogue AI situation can be diffused. 

Ryujin Operatives in Juno's Gambit

Here, you’ll have to choose To let Juno (AI) live by persuading the operatives into doing so or simply follow the operatives’ orders and attach the control board to Juno- thereby killing him. Before you get the option to decide, though, you’ll need to interact with Juno for a while, and you can potentially get a lot of information. As you interact with Juno, it’ll request you not to attach the control board to him as it’d technically be “murder” (the AI believes that he’s a human at this point). 

Once the dialogues end, all you need to do is go back to the operatives and interact with them, where you’ll get the prompt for two choices- 

  • Say “Juno Deserves Freedom”: Let Juno live and deal with the operatives.
  • Say, “I’ll do it, but I want to ensure I’m getting paid.”: To attach the control board and get a payment for doing so. 

Attach the Control Board or Deal with Ryujin Operatives in Juno's Gambit

Here’s what you should choose: (spoiler alert)

If you let Juno live (as many players have), you’ll need to get into another line of dialogues with the operatives, which could be a little time-consuming; further, you’ll walk away empty-handed. If you let Juno live, you’ll need to drop those operatives back to Neon (If you’re a member of Ryujin Industries). 

If you aren’t, that’ll lead to a gunfight, and you’ll need to kill both operatives to get on with the quest. If you are a member of Ryujin Industries, the quest ends with dropping the operatives at Neon once you’ve shown them your credentials. One might believe that this is the right thing to do. However, it isn’t as beneficial as this quest could potentially get for you.

If you choose to attach the control board to Juno, you’ll technically be killing it forever, but at the same time, you’ll be rewarded 3,500 credits for making the right decision. Once you attach the control board to Juno, you must complete a few dialogues, which will take less than a minute, and return to your ship. Once you’ve detached your ship, you’ll be rewarded the promised 3,500 credits. Further, you’ll notice another line of dialogue begins in a few seconds, and the ship you were on a few seconds ago goes into self-destruct mode. The ship blows up the following minute, and the quest ends.

Juno's Gambit Starfield

Either way, you will be rewarded the base XP. However, should you choose to attach the control board to Juno, you’ll get an extra 3,500 Credits. Hence, out of the two options, we believe the second one is the better choice (To attach the control board), as you’ll walk away with an extra 3,500 credits. You could let Juno live. However, that’d mean some extra time spent on this mission and a loss of 3,500 credits, but at least you’d have a clear conscience!

That’s everything there is to know about whether to Attach the Control Board or Deal with Ryujin Operatives in Juno’s Gambit.

So, that is all about “Attach the Control Board or Deal with Ryujin Operatives in Juno’s Gambit”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 11, 2023

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