Retold Tale God Roll (2023) in Destiny 2

Retold Tale is a Void Precision Frame Shotgun with a Magazine Size of 6. It is a part of the Season 23 Riven activities. Let’s take a quick look at the best perks for Retold Tale, for both PvP and PvE.

Retold Tale - Destiny 2

Retold Tale God Roll (2023) – Destiny 2


  • Barrel: Barrel Shroud (Barrel Shroud provides a nice +10 increase to Stability and Handling)
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds (This is a no-brainer. You get +10 Range on your Retold Tale)
  • Perk #1: Quickdraw/Slideshot (Quickdraw, if you like to finish with your Shotgun, and Slideshot, if you like to open with your Shotgun.)
  • Perk #2: Snapshot Sights (Allows you to ADS insanely fast. You can also go for Killing Wind here, if you mostly hipfire)
  • Origin Trait: Advanced Reflexes (Fixed)
  • Masterwork: Handling (We are focusing mainly on Handling here)
  • Mod: Targeting Adjuster (For that extra AA)


  • Barrel: Barrel Shroud (Handling is important in PvE as well)
  • Magazine: Assault Mag (Turns this 65 RPM Shotgun into a 70 RPM Shotgun)
  • Perk #1: Repulsor Brace (Perfect for Void builds)
  • Perk #2: One-Two Punch/Destabilizing Rounds (Both are pretty good for PvE)
  • Origin Trait: Advanced Reflexes (Fixed)
  • Masterwork: Reload Speed (We are focusing mainly on Reload Speed here)
  • Mod: Major Spec (For that 7.7% damage increase on Elites and Mini-bosses)

I would say that the Retold Tale is a nice addition to the current meta. It might not be as OP as it used to be back in the day, as we already have Matador in the energy slot, which comes with Opening Shot. But if anybody doesn’t have a good Matador, then they can easily go for the Retold Tale.

You get the Retold Tale by doing “The Coil” activity from the H.E.L.M. You will get a chance to get this weapon from the final chest after you have completed the activity.

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