Remnant 2 Early Access Details

Remnant 2 Early Access – New addition to the ARPG world, Remnant 2- a third-person shooter developed by Gunfire Games and Published by Gearbox, will be out later this month, and the hype is on! Being the successor to Remnant from the Ashes, the bar’s set quite high, and the best part about the release is that it’ll be available for several current-gen platforms, including the PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox.

The game will offer an Early Access version of it for some players, and if you’re wondering the same, here’s everything we have on Remnant 2’s Early Access.

remnant 2 early access

Remnant 2 Early Access Details

First things first, in short, to get access to the Early Access version of the game, you’ll need to pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the game; clarifying the same, the Early Access version will be a 3-day testing event and unfortunately, the only way by which you could get into the game’s early access is by making a purchase (in pre-order) for the game’s Ultimate Edition, meaning that there’s no way to do this for free.

There are three editions in which the game will be released, namely, the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. The Ultimate edition is the most expensive of the three, and it offers many features to those who purchase it (more about this later on). Lastly, only if you purchase the Ultimate edition will you be able to get the game’s early access. 

The Early Access period will be somewhere around the 21st of July as the game will be released on the 25th; further, if you’re looking to get early access, make sure that you purchase a Digital Copy of the Ultimate Version as the Physical Ones are very unlikely to provide you with early access for the game!

Should you choose to get early access to the game, you should probably know that getting early access to games carries some risk, given the bugs, errors, and connectivity issues. Hence, we recommend that you don’t consider those as they’re likely to be fixed very soon; further, you could use this as a time to try out the game! 

Remnant 2’s Ultimate Edition

  • The Survival Pack: A set of items/consumables that players get access to as soon as they start playing the game. These items might include in-game Money, Ammo, Healing Items, and some raw materials you can use to upgrade the game. Additionally, you’ll also be rewarded with two XP-boosting Elixirs.
  • Access to First Three DLC Bundles: More information about DLC Bundles will be released very soon; however, we know that a DLC version will be available within a year of the game’s launch.
  • Access to the Gunslinger Class: Any pre-ordering will get you access to this bundle, including the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions of the game; just pre-order; that’s what’ll get you this!

which edition to buy remnant 2

Lastly, unlike a lot of other games, the items that are being awarded to players that have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game are merely bonuses that might save you a little bit of time, the game doesn’t seem to include any pay-to-play features, and that’s the best part about it! 

That’s everything you need to know about Remnant 2’s Early Access.

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Last Updated on July 17, 2023

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