Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite – How to get

Once you reach a certain level in the game, you’ll need Obsidian more often than you think, and to get this particular resource, you’ll need to look for it specifically in the desert biome. You might need some preparation too, and without further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide on getting some Obsidian in Lego Fortnite.

How to get Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite

Obsidian in Lego Fortnite

The first step would be to find a desert biome close to you. This depends on what world seed you’re playing in and where you’ve spawned. This might take a while, and you’ll need to roam and explore the map. Once you’ve found one, here’s the next step:

The next step is to look for a cave, specifically in the desert biome. It’s not too hard to spot, as it looks like a rock-colored outgrowth. Once you’ve spotted it, it is also essential that you have a camp nearby so you can heal whenever you need to. If your main base is too far away, consider building an interim one close by!

Now, as for the preparation part, you will need to craft a Cool-Headed Charm, first. You can make the Cool-Headed Charm from the crafting bench using 3x Silk Thread, 1x Marble, and 3x Sand Shell. Once you are done, equip it on your Equipment Slot. You’ll need this to resist heat in the cave.

Cool-Headed Charm in Lego Fortnite

Lastly, you’ll need to upgrade your Crafting Bench from the Bench Upgrade tab to unlock the Rare Pickaxe as a normal one won’t hold up against the stones you’ll need to farm. Now, to make the Rare Pickaxe, you need 3x Flexwood Rod and 3x Sand Claw.

Rare Pickaxe in Lego Fortnite

Now, once you’re prepared with all the aforementioned stuff, just head into the cave and look specifically for shiny ores, farming these will get you Obsidian Ore, which you can later carry to your base and throw into a stone breaker. The Stone Breaker will then convert it into slabs that you can use to craft all kinds of stuff.

Once you’re in the cave, though, consider farming Blast Cores as well. These will save you another trip in the future. You could get Blast Cores by eliminating lava rollers. Also, speaking of lava, watch out, and don’t step into it!

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Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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