Light Dragon Location in Zelda TOTK

Light Dragon Location TOTK – A few dragons in the game are good sources of farming a bit of material that later on helps add healing effects to shields and weapons. One such dragon is the Light Dragon, which can prove tough to track down in the game if you don’t know exactly what to do.

So in this article, we’ll guide you with the Light Dragon’s location in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom. Here are the whereabouts of it.

Light Dragon Location in Zelda TOTK

If you’re hunting for Dragons, you’d probably know they all exist at certain places only at a particular time. Following the same, the Light Dragon can appear once you’ve completed the “Recovering the Hero Sword” quest. This quest will allow you to see the Light Dragon, which can be started from the Great Deku tree inside the Korok forest. 

to reach light dragon

In the quest, you’ll be able to acquire the master sword; once you do, you won’t be able to track the Light Dragon anymore. This allows for only one other way possible that’ll help you track down the Dragon, and that’s Sensor+, so make sure that you’ve got the Dragon registered into it, though!

We highly suggest you go to this location to wait for the dragon to appear; the coordinates are as follows: 0426, -1755, 2337. Use these coordinates to get to the exact location for the waiting spot, and know that the Light Dragon might take up to two hours to complete its loop, meaning you might have to wait for that long to have a chance to look at it!

spotting light dragon

You can use Tulin to make it easier to reach the Dragon, providing you with just a little boost you’ll need. Once you’re on top of the dragon using the same, here’s how you could farm the dragon for materials.

Hitting the dragon on its body will drop the Dragon’s Scale; hitting it on the Dragon’s Crystal spikes would ensure you get Shard of the Light Dragon’s spike. Hitting the Dragon in his mouth will get you shards of the Dragon’s fang, and finally, hitting the dragon’s feet will get you the light dragon’s Talon. Once you’ve hit the dragon to acquire them, some of these materials might fall onto the ground; you can always dive in once you’re done with the farming to grab them.

You’ll be able to get all of these items from a single dragon spawn; if you wish to get more of one of the materials, you’ll have to wait 10 minutes; that’ll force a respawn for the Light Dragon. You’ll have to wait 10 minutes in real life, ensuring you aren’t on the game’s menu while doing so!

Finally, also make sure that you pull out the master sword from the Dragon’s head as to pull it out the dragon is the only way to get it, and you won’t regret putting in some extra minutes to grab this sword. You’ll need two complete wheels of stamina to make this happen, though! 

find light dragon

So that was all about the Light Dragon’s location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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Last Updated on May 22, 2023

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