Charged Armor Set Location in Zelda TOTK

Charged Armor TOTK – The Legend of Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom contains the Charged Armor set that players can obtain in the game and has a rather powerful Set Bonus Attack. If you want to get this Armor Set in Zelda TOTK, then read the guide below to find out where you can get it in the open world of Zelda TOTK.

The Charged Armor Set can be termed as being one of the best in the game if you are facing stormy weather. It contains a very powerful set bonus attack called the ‘Stormy Weather Attack’. It’ll be helpful to you when you’re up against strong enemies while you are trying to get rid of the storms on Thunderhead Isles. Additionally, you can even add it to your Armor sets collection.

Charged Armor in TOTK

How can you get the Charged Armor in Zelda TOTK

The set comprises three items that you’ll have to get individually. They are the Charged Shirt, Trousers, and Headress. You’ll need to start the quest ‘Secret of the Ring Ruins’ in Kakarika Village(Coordinates: 1816,-0953,0113). During the particular parts of this quest, you get the full set.

Location of the Charged Shirt

You will be required to visit Dracozu Lake, which is near the Jiukoum Shrine at a certain point in the quest. Here is the exact location:

Charged Shirt Location in Zelda TOTK

To reach here, you just need to jump off the rock which is in front of the shrine and then glide your way to the lake. In a few seconds, you will see a campfire, and beside it, an entrance at these coordinates: 0973, -2532, 0008.

Where Tauro is located in Secret of the Ring Ruins quest TOTK

Inside there, you will have to converse with Tauro and then climb the stairs. You will find the Charged shirt there.

Location of Charged Trousers

When you have got the shirt, head outside and go left. From there, keep following the lake till you find another glowing door or entrance at the coordinates: 0987, -2689, 0007.

Charged Trousers Location in Zelda TOTK

As the entrance will be blocked, you will have to use your Bomb Flower arrows or a rock hammer. There, you will find quite similar stairs and a chest. Open it, and you shall have the Charged Trousers.

Charged Trousers

Location of Charged Headdress

You will have to leave the room that you were in for the trousers, take a right, and then again follow the lake further down. Then you will have to climb a few rocks, even swim till you reach another entrance at the coordinates: 0968, -2802, 0007.

Charged Headdress Location in Zelda TOTK

The entrance will be blocked by vines, so use your sword to get rid of them. Inside you will find another chest. Upon opening the chest, you shall have the Charged Headdress.

Charged Headdress

Once you collect all the parts of the Armor set, you complete the ‘Secret of the Ring Ruins’ quest. You will receive the Stormy Weather Attack(Set bonus attack) along with the Charged Armor. During stormy weather, your attack speed will increase and, at the end of any combo, even produce electric bursts.

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about the Charged Armor Set location in Zelda TOTK.

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Last Updated on May 23, 2023

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