Barbarian Armor Location in Zelda TOTK

Barbarian Armor Location TOTK – If you are wondering where to get the Barbarian Armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then worry not. You have come to the right place looking for the answer.

This Treasure armor of Misko will provide solid protection and even increase your attack power. If you have an aggressive play style, it will best suit you in the early game. So to get the location of the Barbarian Armor in Zelda TOTK, keep reading!

Barbarian Armor Location in Zelda TOTK

The Barbarian Armor is one of the three outfits you can find during the Misko’s Treasure side quest. This outfit has been described by Meeshy as a “fairly wide outfit said to fill the wearer with power”. All these Treasure armors of Misko will be marked on your map, their exact location. Head to the site and look for an entrance to a cave. The cave’s name is Crenel Hills Cave, where you will find the Barbarian Armor.

crenel hills cave

Make sure you mine and collect the precious resource ‘Ore’ as the cave is rich. This cave is a little smaller than the other two caves in this quest. So you will reach the Central room relatively fast and have to fight with Stone Talus there. It’s going to be a tricky one, so be careful.

After you defeat him, in the main room, check to the left; you should find an opening inside the wall. There are no puzzles; you climb up the wall. You will find a very familiar Treasure shrine of Misko with a chest. The chest contains the Barbarian Armor, so get it. It has an Attack up level 1 status. This is going to give you a boost in your attack power by 20%.

What is the Location of the Barbarian Helm in Zelda TOTK?

What is the Location of the Barbarian Helm in Zelda TOTK

You can find the headpiece of this armor at these coordinates: 2487, -1467, 0013. You need to look in the Robred Dropoff cave. The Robred Dropoff is to the southeast side of the Karariko Village, and the cave is to the northwest of the dropoff, which is directly south of Phalian Highlands. The cave is quite simple to comprehend, with little stone statues guiding your way to the chest that contains the Barbarian Helm. 

If you have made a wrong turn, you can circle for a bit, and that’ll be it, and till then, you can even grab resources. Do note that you have Bomb Flowers; you must bomb some rock barriers. The rock barrier that comes right before the chest is on the ground. You can use the Flower bomb, a jump attack with any stone weapon, or even an arrow fused with rock. 

In the final room, you will see three stone statues. You need to stand in front of the group with the three statuses on a platform and ascend to reach the room with the chest. Open the chest, and you shall have the Barbarian Helm. 

What is the Location of the Barbarian Leg Wraps in Zelda TOTK?

What is the Location of the Barbarian Leg Wraps in Zelda TOTK

This final piece can be found inside the Walnut Mountain Cave; the coordinates are 4074, -1900, and 0163. 

The cave has almost no puzzles and is pretty self-explanatory. You will require a source of fire to melt the frozen chest, which contains the Barbarian Leg Wraps. There will also be a few other of these frozen chests that you’ll have to thaw. 

That pretty much sums up everything about Barbarian Armor’s location in Zelda TOTK. You will have all three items required for the Barbarian Armor Set. When equipped, you get an attack power bonus of +3.

So that was all about the Barbarian Armor Location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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Last Updated on May 22, 2023

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