How to Skip time in Starfield

Starfield is an RPG set in an open world in space with more than a thousand planets to explore. Now, many mechanics exist in the game that could prove difficult to understand, one of them being how time works. So, if you have been struggling with it, here is all you need to know about time and how you can skip ahead in the game, Starfield. Keep reading to find out!

Given the vast size of the game, understanding the workings of time is crucial for space travel. This is because a few players might end up on planets where, thanks to relativity, it takes quite a few Earth days for a full hour to pass. Even though the subject is complex, players might want to know the details to navigate all the worlds they find interesting in the game. With explaining how to skip time anywhere, the following guide also covers how time passes across space. 

How to Skip time in Starfield

How to Skip time in Starfield

It is a common trait that games have, allowing players to skip time in-game. This is done to make it easy for the players to wait for a mission to open or simply farm resources. In this aspect, Starfield is not an exception and allows players to skip time at any moment in the game. Now, this is possible only when players have access to any of the comfortable spots, which primarily include a chair, a bed, a couch, or a bench so that they can rest and pass the time. 

Now, getting to the main point, to skip time in the game, select the option to Sleep on a bed or Sit on a seat and then choose the option of ‘Wait’. At this point, players will have to decide the duration of their rest, which will, in turn, determine the time they skip ahead. 

Players have the option to choose between 1 to 24 hours Local time. Now, keep in mind that sleeping is always a better option even though it is available at all times, which is because players fully heal in case they have lost health beforehand. 

How does time work in Starfield

Note that Time is relative, as if you have seen Interstellar or are simply a space nerd; you must know that the concept of time is quite important in the game Starfield. Even though players can choose how much time they want to skip ahead, Local Time will not always match with UT, which is Universal Time. Take the following examples:

  • 3 hours on Jemison means you spend 6 hours and 15 minutes of Universal time. 
  • 3 hours on Earth’s Moon means you spend 82 hours and 40 Minutes of Universal Time. 

However, any time on Earth is the same as Universal Time. All of these are due to the concept of timezone differences. 

When players are in space, passing time and Local time will be the same as Universal Time. Also, regardless of where a player is situated, the Universal Time remains the same. That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about How to Skip Time in Starfield.

So, that is all on “How to Skip Time in Starfield”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Starfield. Good luck.

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023

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