How to Reroll Anointment or Anoint in Borderlands 3

How to reroll anoints BL3 – This guide will show you how to reroll anointment on your weapons and gear in Borderlands 3.

How to Reroll Anointment or Anoint in Borderlands 3

The long awaited Director’s Cut DLC has finally arrived in Borderlands 3. This is probably the biggest update since the introduction of Mayhem 10 and has surely brought a ton of content to the game.

New story missions, Vault Cards, brand new Cosmetic Packs, this DLC has everything. But the biggest piece of content that has arrived with this DLC, apart from the new Raid boss Hemovorous, is definitely the ability to reroll anointment on various weapons and gear.

Prior to this update, farming for a particular Legendary that has a particular anointment you want, was a nightmare. I myself, have spent hours farming a single boss just to get the perfect combination that is best suited for my build. The whole process could get super frustrating sometimes. So this update is truly a blessing.

Now, enough of the side talk, let’s get to the point. You are here to know how to reroll anoints, here is how.

How to Reroll Anoints

In order to reroll an Anointment you need to visit Crazy Earl’s Reroll Machine. This machine is permanently located near Crazy Earl on Sanctuary III.

Crazy Earl's Reroll Machine BL3

For 250 Eridium, you will be able to reroll an existing Anointment on any piece of gear. But remember! You can’t undo once you’ve rerolled your Anointment! You can obviously go for multiple rerolls if you have enough Eridium. But you cannot go back to what it was before.

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Last Updated on April 8, 2021

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