Borderlands 3 – Hemovorous Location – Director’s Cut Raid Boss

Hemovorous location bl3 – This guide will show you the location of the new Director’s Cut DLC Raid Boss, Hemovorous The Invincible in Borderlands 3.

Location of Hemovorous in BL3

The long awaited Director’s Cut DLC has finally arrived in Borderlands 3. This is probably the biggest update since the introduction of Mayhem 10 and has surely brought a ton of content to the game.

New story missions, Vault Cards, brand new Cosmetic Packs, this DLC has everything. But the biggest piece of content, that has arrived with this DLC is definitely the new Raid boss, Hemovorous The Invincible.

Hemovorous The Invincible

Hemovorous is an enormous Varkid Boss, that is extremely difficult to beat. If you have played Borderlands 2, then you should have an idea about how these Raid bosses are. Remember Terramorphous The Invincible?

Now, enough of the side talk, let’s get to the point. You are here for the location of Hemovorous. And the location is what you are going to get.

Hemovorous Location

You can find Hemovorous at the Ascension Bluff – Pandora. Here is her exact location on the map:

Hemovorous Location - Borderlands 3

The location is behind a previously sealed door that can now be opened. In order to get the chance to fight Hemovorous, you need to make sure that you’ve completed the main story campaign, and you own the Director’s Cut. The DLC is free for Season Pass 2 owners but can also be purchased separately. You will receive the raid mission from inside Claptrap’s closet on Sanctuary III. Ready up your group and gather 500 Eridium because that is what you need to open the door to Hemovorous’s location.

Hemovorous is one of the hardest bosses in the game, if not the hardest. If you do not have an endgame loadout then forget about making any dent on her. So make sure that all the players in your group are well geared-up.

I still don’t know what Legendaries Hemovorous drops. But from what I have heard, you can get some of the best loot in the game by eliminating here. I will post separate guides of the new Director’s Cut Legendary weapons.

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Last Updated on April 8, 2021

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