How to Open the Main Gate in High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts legacy has been out now for quite some time, and all the Potterheads have jumped right into this game to try their hands on a game that features J. K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter’s world. The game is an RPG that features an open world where you can go all across the famous Hogwarts, the enchanted forest, and so much more. With a lot of spells, potions, houses, classes, obstacles, etc., this game is a must for the potterheads out there!

A few of the players have been having trouble figuring out how they can open the Main Gate during the High Keep Quest. Given the fact that the game has a lot of quests and a lot of places to explore, a lot of people don’t really get the hang of some things right away, so don’t be disheartened if this happens to you too. The High Keep quest is rather difficult for a lot of people out there, especially when you need spells for a few quests and have to perform them to complete the quest. This happens when you try opening the Gate in High Keep Quest. So, if you are stuck there, here is all you need to know to open it.

How to Open the Main Gate in High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Firstly, you need to go and find the Gatehouse to open the gate in the high keep quest. You need to climb the Battlements.

Climb the Battlements

To “Climb the battlements” you need to climb over to the location of the waypoint. After a certain point, you will notice that the mantle point is too high for you to grab. You need something to step on and then climb. On your left, you will notice a door, and a lever beside it. Cast Depulso on the lever to open the door, and then cast Wingardium Leviosa on the box inside the room and bring it outside to the location where you need it for you to climb up. Place the box and cast Levioso on it. The box should start floating. Climb up the box and then climb ahead to complete the portion of the quest.

How to Climb the Battlements in High Keep Quest

Enter the Gatehouse

Now, you need to “Enter the Gatehouse”. Although, getting to the gatehouse might not be so easy as the path is blocked by a box. To move the box, head over to the dead end and then look out the window. Then, cast Accio and move the box towards you. After this, you will be able to enter the pathway.

Remove the box to enter the gatehouse

Open the Main Gate

When you have entered the room, use the spell Depluso twice on the lever to reveal the handle that is there behind the Portcullis. Then, use Accio on this handle.

How to Open the Main Gate

This would lower the wood that will, in turn, open the Main Gate. To fully complete the quest, you will still have to complete a few puzzles.

That is all there is to know about how to open the Main Gate in High Keep Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

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