How to Find a Way through the Barricade in Hogwarts Legacy

Find a way through the barricade – Hogwarts legacy has been out now for quite some time, and all the Potterheads have jumped right into this game to try their hands on a game that features J. K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter’s world. The game is an RPG that features an open world where you can go all across the famous Hogwarts, the enchanted forest, and so much more. With a lot of spells, potions, houses, classes, obstacles, etc., this game is a must for the Potterheads out there!

Throughout your journey in the game, you will be coming across all sorts of obstacles that you can think of. Most of the time, they are going to be of magical nature, and the most annoying obstacle will be the one that you will find when you are trying to learn the Unforgivable Curse. This obstacle is something that has plagued all who have tried to enter the sealed off locations. This obstacle is ‘Barricades’. When you are doing the “In the Shadow of the Time” quest, you will come by a portion where you will have to “Find a Way through the Barricade”. Here is how:

How to Find a Way through the Barricade in Hogwarts Legacy

To solve the puzzle of barricade and open the archway, you will be required to find three skeletons and place them on the archway door. You will find these skeletons in the room itself, just scattered around. To make it easier for yourself, you can even use the Revelio spell and get them faster. Here are the locations where you will find the skeletons:

  • In the room, behind the altar.
  • Near the grave in the main room.
  • On the altar, near Sebastian.

Once you find them all, use the spell Wingardium Leviosa and then move them to the door.

Place the skelotons on the archway to open the barricade

Make note that you might have to open a few doors adjacent to the bone piles to access them fully. Each of these doors are going to have a different sign, and you need to make these signs match to open them. Not all doors will have bones. Some might have adversaries that you need to kill before continuing.

Once you have done the above and stacked the bone piles in the center of the door, a clip will play where the bone piles will form an archway for you. Now, you can get past it. If this is not working for you, there is a glitch. All you need to do is pick them up again using Wingardium Leviosa and arrange it near the door again.

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

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