How to Increase HP in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

One of the most anticipated games of 2023, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, has been finally launched. The game is doing extremely well so far, and looking at the reviews it is safe to say that Insomniac Games has managed to drop another banger.

Now, one of the most important aspects of Spider-Man games is obviously the Combat. Without combat, Spider-Man games are nothing. With that in mind, Insomniac has done a really good job with the combat system of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But your combat skills would be of no use if you are not being able to survive during combat. You start Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with extremely low Health initially, and rely heavily on the Focus system to heal yourself. This becomes increasingly tougher as enemies start getting bigger and more difficult. That is why you need to increase your HP/Health in the game. Here is how to do it:

How to Increase your Health in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

You won’t be able to increase your health right off the bad. You will have to play a number of main missions, until you come to the main mission called “Amends”. In this mission, Miles meets his Uncle Aaron, who then gives him the location of a secret hideout. Your job is to go to that location, find your way to get inside the Hideout, and retrieve “Suit Tech”. As soon as you do so, the “Suit Tech” tab will get unlocked in your Menu. These are basically called Prowler Stashes, and you will come across plenty throughout New York.

In the Suit Tech screen, you will find four options:

  • Health
  • Damage
  • Focus
  • Traversal

How to increase HP in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Select Health, and keep on upgrading. You will need a lot of Rare Tech Parts, Tech Parts, City Tokens, and Hero Tokens, to unlock these upgrades. So make sure you are using them wisely. Here are the upgrades you need to get to increase your HP to the maximum:

  • Amazing Health 1: Increase health by 10. Maximum health is now 110.
  • Amazing Health 2: Increase health by 10. Maximum health is now 120.
  • Spectacular Health 1: Increase health by 15. Maximum health is now 135.
  • Spectacular Health 2: Increase health by 10. Maximum health is now 150.
  • Ultimate Health 1: Increase health by 20. Maximum health is now 170.
  • Ultimate Health 2: Increase health by 30. Maximum health is now 200.

These upgrades are applicable to both Peter and Miles. So you won’t need to upgrade them separately.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Good luck.

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Last Updated on October 20, 2023

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