How to get Textiles in The Cycle Frontier

Textiles The Cycle Frontier – The Cycle: Frontier is a Free-to-play game from Yager. In this action game, you’ll act as a prospector whose life is more dreadful while stepping into this planet every 20 minutes.

Be careful with your every step while traversing the world of The Cycle Frontier. But don’t forget to enjoy every moment of this PvPvE game. This first-person shooter game provides many rewards to those who love the wildlife of The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier’s every turn will threaten you with its terrible monsters, enigmatic aliens, and even your fellow players. Still, having a picture-perfect blueprint for collecting more loot is always helpful.

Now, it is no secret that The Cycle has a ton of resources scattered across different parts of the maps. Some are easy to find, while some can give you a run for your money.

In this article, I am covering Textiles, a really important material that is used for crafting Backpacks. Let’s see how you can get them.

Textiles - The Cycle Frontier

How to get Textiles in The Cycle Frontier

If you’re in the early stage of The Cycle Frontier, you may know the worth of Textiles since it’s a Common item. As I mentioned earlier, Textiles are primarily used to create backpacks of various tiers. So It is more helpful in your early stages.

Each unit of Textiles can fetch you 338 K-Marks. So, selling them is most probably not a good idea. Instead, keep it in your inventory. You will need them quite frequently if you are a new player.

You can get Textiles by unlocking the Civilian Lockers and Hidden Stashes. But from what I have seen personally. Civilian Lockers have a higher chance of dropping these.

You can get Textiles from the Crashed Ship located in the top-left corner of the map, in Bright Sands. You can head over to Jungle Camp after that. That place has a decent concentration of Civilian Lockers.

Textiles Bright Sands Location - The Cycle Frontier

Finally, if you find yourself on the West side of that map, you think that going to the top two locations is a bit risky, you can try going to Lagoon.

Now, it’s time to explore Crescent Falls, where you can get more Textiles than Bright Sands. In Crescent Falls, the best location to get Textiles is Favela, in the Southern part of the map.

Textiles Crescent Falls Location - The Cycle Frontier

The second-best location to get Textiles is the entire area around Greens Prospect. You will get plenty there. That place also has a lot of Medical Cases that spawn Old Medicine.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more The Cycle Frontier guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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