How to get Old Medicine in The Cycle Frontier

Old Medicine The Cycle Frontier – Once you’ve entered Yager’s forsaken world titled, The Cycle: Frontier, you should be careful with your every step. You will see breathtaking moments in every corner of this PvPvE game — sharpen your armaments to beat your foes, dangerous monsters, or mysterious aliens.

In this free-to-play game, you’re playing as a prospector. Go explore the dangerous world of Fortuna III with your powerful group or if you think you will be enough for the monsters, then go for solo. But be careful with your move; even if you’re brave enough, this action game needs more strategy.

Let’s imagine, you’re in the dangerous zone of The Cycle Frontier and, unfortunately, your health drops due to a fight with your fellow foe. At the time, if you have the Old medicine by your side, it will turn out to be a game-changer. It will help you to recover your health and so on. If you want this medicine, follow this article to collect yours.

Old Medicine - The Cycle Frontier

How to get Old Medicine in The Cycle Frontier

Old Medicine is a “Common” rarity item that helps you print or create Combat Stims and Strong Stims, which come in handy when you need to restore your health.

Each unit of Old Medicine is only going to fetch you 150 K-Marks and 2 faction points. So, it is not worth selling them at all. Therefore, the best use of Old Medicine is to make Stims out of them. Old medicine is from the faction of Osiris

As I said earlier, Old Medicine is a “Common” rarity item in The Cycle Frontier, so getting them is not so hard. You can find them easily inside Medical Cases that are scattered throughout the entire Crescent Falls and Bright Sands

Locations of Old Medicine:

Let’s start with Bright Sands, where you can get plenty of Medical cases to collect your Old Medicines. Traverse to the northeast side of the map, to the Waterfall Lab, which is a great farming area for Old Medicine.

Old Medicine Bright Sands Location - The Cycle Frontier

The second-best place for getting Old Medicine would be Vaccine Labs. Next, head to the Jungle Camp located West of Bright Sand. At last, you can also try in Crashed Ship to collect Old Medicine in Bright Sand.

In Crescent Falls, one of the best locations to get Old Medicine is Greens Prospect, which is located right in the middle of the map. Pinnacle Labs, located in the northeast section, is also a great place to farm Old Medicine, as the place has a ton of Medical Cases.

Old Medicine Crescent Falls Location - The Cycle Frontier

Finally, you can end your search at Favela, which is located in the South of Crescent Falls. Which is probably the only place that doesn’t attract a lot of crowds, unlike the places mentioned above.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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