How to get Soul Coin in BG3

Get Soul Coin in BG3 – One of the year’s highly anticipated games is the latest Baldur’s Gate 3. Out of all the interesting things in the game, one such thing is the mysterious Soul Coin which gets available through an optional and brief side quest.

Parties get the Soul Coin when they help the adventures under attack by the notorious goblins and are then admitted to the Druid Grove. Even though this is a bit hidden in the game, it should take players just a bit to grab it for further use. 

How to get Soul Coin in BG3

Finding Nadira in BG3

If you were someone who, while the Illithid Nautiloid ship was crashing, was paying attention to the quite dramatic cutscenes, then you will see a Teifling who is watching through a telescope, the burning descent. This person holds the Soul Coin and the focus of the quest and goes by the name Nadira. Although the game does not reveal her location, the place is recognisable as a high point with a clear view. 


As soon as your party passes through the gate and heads to Druid Grove, you will see a log bridge to your immediate right. You must cross it, head ahead, and follow the path upwards and right. 

The Bugbear Assassin

The Bugbear Assassin

Now, as you crest the hill, you will see a Bugbear Assassin that would be, from behind, sneaking up on Nadira. You will have to use a Ranged Weapon and try catching it off-guard and then take the initiative. To keep it from pursuing Nadira, you can use any crowd control to keep her from running away. Given that she will not have any weapons, she can only push the Assassin or throw dirt at it. 

The Dice Check

After the Bugbear is eliminated, your party can head on to interact with Nadira, who will immediately accuse you that your party is coming after her on behalf of someone else. At this point, you can try Persuasion or Intimidation and try changing her mind, and if successful, she will give the Soul Coin to your party as a token of reward for saving her from the Bugbear Assassin. 

Note: After helping Nadira, you can use her telescope to take a look. Towards straight ahead, to recognize the red dragon, make an Intelligence roll. Towards the right on Risen Road, you will see the Burning Tavern and the damaged Illithid ship on the left.

About the Soul Coin

Here is where the Soul Coin came from and the possible future uses, as Nadira does not reveal much as she believes that someone from Avernus has sent your party.


There is a mention of a “demonic mistress” by Nadira, and Soul Coins are quite valuable in the Nine Hells. So it is safe to assume that Nadira interacts with quite a powerful demon, or given her Tiefling blood, maybe even a relative or a legendary figure connected to her Bard class. 

Future Uses

At this point in the game, your party would have already visited Avernus though briefly, so this hints towards adventure returning there. You can use it as currency or some bargaining chip in Avernus or any other place in Nine Hells. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about How to get Soul Coin in BG3.

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Last Updated on August 18, 2023

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