How to get Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy

Shrivelfig fruit Hogwarts Legacy – Before you step into the wizarding world and brew powerful potions, you will have to get the necessary ingredients for the same. One such is the Shrivelfig Fruit. Here is how you can either find it or grow the fruit on your own. 

A lot of tools are available for you as a student in Hogwarts legacy that are going to help you in your adventure. This includes a lot of important potions too, like Felix Felicis and Thunderbrew Potion. Although a lot of steps are included before you can easily make these, one of the main steps is to get the necessary ingredients that you need to brew the potions.

Shrivelfig Fruit Hogwarts Legacy

Where can you find or buy Shrivelfig Fruit?

To obtain the Shrivelfig Fruit, there are two ways. The first one is quite simple, that is, to get this by purchasing it from the The Magic Neep store in Hogsmeade. You can find this store, that is, Magic Neep, towards the west side in Hogsmeade. Additionally, it would be just after J. Pippin’s Potions.

Shrivelfig Fruit location in Hogwarts Legacy

When you reach the shop, you will find the shopkeeper, who will be selling the Shrivelfig fruit. The price for the same would be 150 Gold or Galleons a piece. You can also get the Seeds of Shrivelfig fruit for a price of 450 Galleons. 

Once you get the Shrivelfig seeds, you can use them to plant your own renewable plants. Remember, this is only possible after you have unlocked the Room of Requirement. For this, you have to own either the Medium plant pot or the Large plant pot conjuration books. These can be purchased from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. 

What does the Shrivelfig Fruit do?

You might ask about the actual requirements of these fruits, so here is all that this fruit can do. One of the potions in the game that you can brew is Thunderbrew potion, which requires 1 Shrivelfig fruit, 1 Leech juice, and 1 Stench of the Dead. It takes around one and a half minutes to brew and forms the primary ingredient in the Thunderbrew Potions. These potions, in turn, help you conjure storm clouds around the players, who have the ability to stun huge groups of enemies while you are in combat. 

That covers everything that we had on how to get Shrivelfig fruit in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Last Updated on February 13, 2023

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