How to get Paletongue in Diablo 4

Paletongue D4 – Among the many items in Diablo IV of different rarities and uses, there are some you’ll probably need more often than others. For instance, Paletongue is an item in the game with various uses; for instance, you’ll need it to upgrade Potions, which is quite an important factor. Hence, in this article, we’ll guide you on how you could get your hands on Paletongue in Diablo IV; keep reading!

How to get Paletongue in Diablo 4

One thing that’s common between all the classes is that you’ll eventually be unlocking some upgrade options as you progress through the game, and to make those possible; you’ll need Paletongue. It’s also necessary if you craft different elixirs, such as a healing potion, making it quite an essential item to acquire in the game. 

You can get Paletongue by defeating evil human beings that you’ll find all across the map. It’s a part that can be found literally in the game’s mouths of evil human beings. All you need to do is to defeat them and extract Paletongue from them.

Some areas have high drop rates of Paletongue, as reported by players. You could look for it in Frozen Tunnels, Steadfast Barracks, Bloodsoaked Cracks and Cultist Refuges, expecting it to drop more often than usual. If you’re looking for one specific area to start farming, we suggest you head to the Frozen Tunnel Cellar, which you can find towards the south of Kyovshad.

paletongue location 1

You’ll face enemies here, starting with weaker evil humans such as Slicers, Arsonists, and Firebrands. In this same place, though, Bloodthirsty Slicers, Snowy Marauders, Thundering Marauders, and more also exist!

paletongue location 2

The Frozen Tunnel is the closest to Kyovshad; you can keep visiting as you please to get Monster Parts, High-Level Weapons and Gold. 

paletongue farming spot 3

Now that you’ve got it, here’s how to use Paletongue.

Paletongue Uses in Diablo 4

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Different kinds of Alchemist shops can be found around the map; visit any of them if you want to use Paletongue. You’ll need Paletongue to upgrade your healing potion to a stronger healing potion once you’re at least level 60. Paletongue can be used to craft the following elixirs if you’re at an Alchemist Shop:

  • Elixir of Magic Resist 
  • Elixir of Man-Slaying 
  • Precision Elixir 
  • Strong Precision Elixir 
  • Potent Precision Elixir 
  • Crushing Elixir 
  • Strong Crushing Elixir 
  • Potent Crushing Elixir 
  • Heady Crushing Elixir 
  • Elixir of Cold Resistance 
  • Potent Elixir of Cold Resistance 
  • Strong Elixir of Cold Resistance 
  • Heady Elixir of Cold Resistance
  • Assault Elixir 
  • Potent Assault Elixir 
  • Strong Assault Elixir 
  • Heady Assault Elixir

Further, we recommend that you farm Paletongue in bulk whenever you can, so you don’t have to do it every time you need an elixir!

That’s everything you need to know about Paletongue in Diablo IV.

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Last Updated on June 13, 2023

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