Bladedancer’s Aspect Location Diablo 4

Bladedancer’s Aspect Diablo 4 – Diablo 4 is a 2023 game, the fourth main instalment in the already popular Diablo Series. This action-adventure MMO RPG game falls under the Hack and Slash Genre of Games. This Multiplayer game received positive reviews worldwide, and Blizzard sold more copies of Diablo 4 than any other Blizzard Titles. This is a must play game for any MMO RPG Fans!

In Diablo 4, one of the Offensive Aspects of the Rogue is the Bladedancer’s Aspect. If you want to get it and know all about its effects, how you can get it, and its location, then you’ve come to the right place; read the guide below to know all about it!

Bladedancer aspect diablo 4

How can you get the Bladedancer’s Aspect in Diablo 4 – The Location 

bladedancer aspect

You can unlock the Bladedancer’s Aspect in Diablo 4 in the Codex of Power by completing Jalal’s Vigil, a Dungeon. You can find this Dungeon towards the Northeast of the Fiorban Waypoint(that is in Scosglen).

The catch here is that this Dungeon, Jalal’s Vigil, is locked behind the main story’s progression. Thus it requires you to play through Act 2: Scosglen, completing the main quest, ‘The Knife Twists Again: Stemming the Flow’, to finally unlock the Dungeon, Jalal’s Vigil.

Effects of the Bladedancer’s Aspect in Diablo 4

Class Rouge
Category Offensive
Effect After the Twisting Blades return to you, they’re going to orbit for a short period; further, they’ll be dealing (XX%) of the return damage of Twisting Blades for every hit.
Imprintable Equipment  The following items are the only ones that you can imprint Offensive Aspects on: 

  1. Amulets
  2. Gloves
  3. One-Handed Weapons
  4. Rings
  5. Two-Handed Weapons

Random appearance on Legendary Gear

There is also a chance that the Bladedancer’s Aspect randomly appears on Legendary Item Drops. So if you want to get this Aspect, we suggest you farm the Dungeons, World Bosses and World Events. 

At the Purveyor of Curiosities, when trading Obols for Legendaries, we suggest you select Gloves, the best item type to select if you want to farm for the Bladedancer’s Aspect. This is because they can only have Offensive or Utility Aspects, and additionally, they only cost 40 Obols. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about Bladedancer’s Aspect Location in Diablo 4. 

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Last Updated on July 18, 2023

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