How to get Nebula in Remnant 2

Get Nebula in Remnant 2 – The Nebula in Remnant 2 is a handgun that has special abilities, which makes it absolutely worth having; for instance, the gun has a corrosive ability wherein you’ll be able to go head-on against hordes of enemies at once.

Keep reading the article to find out everything there is to know about the Nebula and how you could get it in Remnant 2!

How to get Nebula in Remnant 2

How to get Nebula in Remnant 2

  • Damage: 12
  • Rounds Per Second: 8
  • Magazine Capacity: 55
  • Max Reserve Ammo: 220
  • Special Ability: Corrosive Damage

Using the Nebula, you can fire a super hot stream of acid gas that deals damage to every enemy in proximity of it. A total of up to 300 damage is dealt over 15 seconds with the help of a gas cloud, which automatically applies to being close enough to your enemy. The duration of the Gas-cloud is for a total of 2 seconds, but it can be reapplied without a cooldown timer. 

This particular ability makes the Nebula a solid pick against hordes of enemies and even singular ones. Further, the weapon offers a mod wherein a swarm of nano-machines is released that, over 16 seconds, repeatedly attacks enemies within 20 meters of it. Lastly, just like every other weapon in the game, the Nebula can be crafted using two common materials followed by one unique material that can be obtained through quests-

  • Spiced Bile: x1 (unique)
  • Lumenite Crystal: x7 (common)
  • Scrap: x1000 (common)

Now that you know a bit about the weapon and why it’s worth having, here’s how you can obtain it:

defeat the Tal’ratha boss

To obtain the Nebula is quite simple as all you need to do is to defeat the Tal’ratha boss, and once you’ve managed to do so, just collect the Spiced Bile along with the other items and take those to McCabe, who can be found inside her workshop, located back in Ward 13. Further, to be able to go up against Tal’ratha in Remnant 2, you’ll need to refuse to be eaten.

Tal’ratha uses tactics that are hard to go up against, such as Charge, Body Slam, Vomit, and others. However, to dodge almost all of his attacks, all you need to do is to keep moving from one side to another while dealing damage, and once you’ve done enough of it, you should be moving on from this battle in no time!

Lastly, Tal’ratha can be found precisely in the Forgotten Prison. You’ll need to progress through the storyline enough to get to this part, only after which you’ll be able to get the raw materials to craft the Nebula pistol. We hope this guide was insightful, do leave a comment down below if we’ve helped you in any way!

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Last Updated on August 1, 2023

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