How to get Red Doe Staff in Remnant 2

Red Doe Staff – If you are someone who has been trying to get their hands on one of the best Melee weapons in the latest Remnant 2, then we are here to help you out. The weapon ‘Red Doe Staff’ is one such weapon that we recommend that you should have in such a case.

To know all about the weapon, Red Doe Staff, its stats, weapon mods, where you can locate it, and the materials you will require to craft it, read the guide below to find out!

How to get Red Doe Staff in Remnant 2

Where to find Red Doe Staff in Remnant 2

As previously mentioned, the weapon type of the Red Doe Staff is Melee. This weapon is a Magical stave that is rumored to have within it a healing spirit. When it glows, to cast, Charge. It is considered one of the game’s best weapons and worth keeping. Given the fact that it is a particular Melee Weapon, it can be upgraded up to 10 times, thereby increasing the damage from 74.4 in the first upgrade, to the way up to 186 in the 10th one. This weapon does not have any mutators that are built in. In the available slots, players can choose to equip a mutator. 

Where to find Red Doe Staff in Remnant 2?

How to get Red Doe Staff in Remnant 2

Like most weapons in the game, the weapon Red Doe Staff is also crafted in Ward 13 by NPC McCabe. This is after you have revived the Doe and also defeated, in the Ravager’s Lair on Yaesha, the Corrupted Ravager. So if you want this weapon, you must head there and get it crafted.

Here are the materials that you need to Craft this Melee:

  • 1000 Scrap
  • 1 Doe Antler
  • 7 Lumenite Crystals

Weapon Mods of Red Doe Staff in Remnant 2

  • Lifeline: After dealing about 250 damage, the Spirit of the Red Doe stampedes forward, which is caused by the next Charge. This deals about 195.2 damage to the enemies and also to the allies. It regenerates about 10% of Health. 

Note that this mode cannot be removed anyhow, and you will find this weapon mod being equipped on this weapon exclusively. That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about How to get Red Doe Staff in Remnant 2.

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Last Updated on August 1, 2023

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