How to get Cube Gun in Remnant 2

Cube Gun Remnant 2 – Undoubtedly, the most important piece of any player’s equipment in the latest Remnant 2 are their guns. To rescue the players who have just started playing the game, they can get their hands on the weapon ‘Cube Gun’, which is quite powerful early-game. Given how tricky it can be early on, we have your backs!

Keep reading this article until the end to find out how to get Cube Gun in Remnant 2. 

How can you get the Cube Gun in Remnant 2?

How can you get the Cube Gun in Remnant 2

Like most weapons in the game, this weapon is crafted in Ward 13 by NPC McCabe. Here are the materials that you need to Craft this gun:

  • 650 Scrap
  • 1 Conflux Prism 
  • 7 Lumenite Crystals 

Scrap is abundant in the game and is dropped by enemies when defeated. Moreover, most chests will contain some amount of Scrap throughout the game. As for the Lumenite Crystals, they can be bought for 300 Scrap from Cass, but this particular item also drops from Elite Enemies and Aberrations.  

As for the Conflux Prism, it drops from the boss, ‘Labyrinth Sentinel,’ and is a unique item. It is a story boss that you will encounter at the end of your first visit to Labyrinth. You get rewarded with the Conflux Prism here, and only after you’ve reached a certain point in the storyline will you be able to get the particular item and craft the weapon!

Is it worth getting the Cube Gun in Remnant 2?

Is it worth getting the Cube Gun in Remnant 2

Even though the Cube Gun is a handgun in your secondary slot, it is quite strong early on in the game. It is great for medium-range combat and close-quarter combat. For such distances, this is a great weapon. Moreover, its magazine size is 5, and although it seems less, the projectiles return to this weapon after firing. So, one never has to worry about ammo running out. 

This weapon also has the Cube Shield Weapon Mod, which, when used, will create a cube-shaped shield in front of the player. This shield absorbs up to 500 damage over 15 seconds from incoming projectiles. After this duration is over or when the Weapon mod is reactivated, this shield fires forward. This damages all the enemies it connects with based on the absorbed damage. 

All of this, with the combination of being extremely powerful and accurate, coupled with an effective Weapon mod that is unique, makes this weapon one of the strongest in the early game of Remnant 2. 

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about How to get Cube Gun in Remnant 2.

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Last Updated on August 1, 2023

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