How to get Infested, Lone Survivor and Venture Suit in Dead Space Remake

It is not even the deluxe edition suits that can give you some relief from the monstrosities that you face in Dead Space Remake when you are aboard the ship. However, compared to the default costumes, they are still pretty cool. The character that you play, that is Isaac Clarke, wears the original RIG(Resource Integration Gear) suit. If you have bought the deluxe edition of the game then and then only are the deluxe edition skins available to you. The skins that form the part of this are the Infested, Lone Survivor and Venture Suit. So if you are confused as to how you can access these suits and change them, here is a guide for you. Keep reading!

How to get Infested, Lone Survivor and Venture Suit in Dead Space Remake

How to get Infested, Lone Survivor and Venture Suit in Dead Space Remake

These suits are a part of the Deluxe Edition of Dead Space Remake. Sadly, the DLC armor can not be equipped by you during the initial stages of Dead Space. You will be required to first progress through the storyline a bit. Here is how to do that and when.

  1. Firstly, when you are on the “Get to the Medical Deck” during chapter 1, go to the Tram Station.
  2. Secondly, interact with the store and then head on to “Storage.”
  3. Now, select the suit you want to wear and select “Equip.”

You would have now successfully changed suits in the game. Remember that these suits have no other use than mere appearance. They do not give you any boosts as such or increase your stats. Although, if you want to upgrade your RIG, then keep reading below. 

Changing Suits

This is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is go to any Store that is aboard USG Ishimura if you want to change your look. These stores are accessible throughout the whole storyline, so you have a chance to try all of your Deluxe Suits.

How to Upgrade the Rig

The first thing to remember is that you need Nodes for upgrading your suits. You can increase various stats like health, oxygen, stasis, among others, via RIG upgrade. Any upgrade that you do will be applied to each and every skin that you have. It is going to show on all of your suits. For Nodes, it can be found across the entire ship, or you can choose the less difficult way of simply buying them from the store in return for 10,000 credits. The only thing that you are required to do is to bring them to a bench for the upgrade to start. 

That is all there is to know about how to get Infested, Lone Survivor, and Venture suits in Dead Space Remake.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2023

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