All Forspoken Magic Types

Magic plays quite a significant role in Forspoken, you’ll need to for anything related to combat and a few other factors too. Magic gains importance as you progress through the game, and while you’re at it, you’ll unlock more types of magic too. These types of magic can be used in combinations to create a better attack to combat your enemies and due to the same, it’s quite essential to know all about these magic types in the game. Hence, in this article by Frondtech, we’ll be covering all of the Forspoken Magic Types, keep reading to learn more!

All Forspoken Magic Types

Sila's Magic in Forspoken

There are four types of magic, namely:

  • Frey’s Magic (Purple)
  • Sila’s Magic (Red)
  • Prav’s Magic (Blue)
  • Olas’ Magic (Green)

Frey’s Magic

As you begin your journey in the realm of Athia, the very first magic you’ll get access to would be purple magic (Frey’s magic). Frey uses the earth element, and this is the very basic one of the four types of magics. The magic provides options for close and long-ranged attacks and also a bunch of spells for healing or defense. 

The basic attack, in contrast to the Purple magic, is “Shot,” in which you’ll be able to fire some tiny rocks at enemies from a distance. Additionally, three attack spells are a part of the same. 

  1. Burst Shot: This particular ability shoots out a bigger chunk of a rock that splits mid-way and spreads to hit multiple enemies at once. 
  2. Shield-Shot: A type of spell that creates a shield protecting Frey to primarily block an attack and also shoot back in a shotgun-spread attack.
  3. Scatter Shot: The long-range option among the three that rapidly fires rocks.

Every magic in the game has a tree of progress. Frey’s tree offers a bunch of support spells that are essential for healing, defense, and item discovery, if you may. Certain spells are quite effective, too. For instance, disperse allows you to create a temporary ally that damages the enemy, while Tendril allows for you to regain health in its own way. All in all, Frey’s magic possesses the highest balance out of the four types of magic types that are available for you, in the game.

Sila’s Magic

Once you’re ready to move on from Frey’s magic, the next one accessible to you would be Sila’s magic (Red Magic). This particular spell primarily focuses on close-ranged spells and also crowd-control spells. Additionally, the magic also offers long-ranged spells as a last resort. Along with Frey’s magic being based on the earth element, the red magic is based on fire, which blends well to create some exceptional spells.

The very basic attack spell with red magic would be Slice, which would allow for you to summon a sword that’s good enough for some short-ranged melee combat. Additionally, there are three branches for the Red Magic, they are:

  • Arc Slice: Close-ranged attack, once again, however the blade this time around is bigger. Upon initiating the spell, Frey does a 180-degree attack that damages enemies that are close enough to her. 
  • Rage Slice: Once again, a close-ranged attack that allows for you to throw fiery punches, holding the attack spell would, in time, increase the damage inflicted upon your foe, and while so, the speed increases as well. 
  • Blast Slice: Upon activation, a spear spawns that allows for you to attack enemies at a medium/long range. The spear, after being thrown, also explodes in a while, inflicting damage upon anyone nearby. 

Finally, as we’ve mentioned earlier, Sila’s magic also has certain crowd-control spells to offer. For instance, the crucible spell summons a fiery ring/barrier-like structure that damages enemies if they choose to pass through the same. Sila’s spells have the best possible utility if you’re facing multiple enemies at once.

Prav’s Magic

Prav’s magic would allow you to control the third element out of the four, and as the color suggests, it’s water. This particular type of magic helps in controlling the battlefield through means of long-range attacks, which is very opposite to Sila’s Magic. For instance, you could create some maelstroms and waves that could help turn the battle’s output in your direction.

The very basic attack that Prav’s spell has to offer would be Bolt. This would allow you to shoot out water balls that levitate around Frey. Additionally, there are three different spells that branch off of the Blue Magic. They’re as follows:

  • Fan bolt: a spell that fires water bolts in a horizontal type of spread that allows for you to hit multiple enemies at once. Additionally, this type of spell is better used for longer ranges. The more you charge the spell, the more bolts you can create.
  • Chain Bolt: Another long-ranged spell on offer that uses arrows of water that are first released when the spell is charged and once again when the spell is used. Additionally, if you manage to connect both of those arrows, the damage dealt increases as a bonus. 
  • Cluster Bolt: the final spell that is also long-ranged, that, after firing, breaks into multiple mid-air that fires down bolts along a specific area. 

These primary attack spells aren’t everything that Prav’s magic has to offer. There are support spells that you could use to make certain battle openings or ones you could use to escape from battles. For instance, spells like Maelstorm could help you in escaping as they create a barrier that blocks attacks, all while inflicting damage to your opponents. Prav’s spells are perfect counters to flying enemies and also are perfect towards creating openings.

Olas’ Magic

Olas’ magic, or green magic, is the final spell tree that’ll unlock for you in the game. This particular magic type focuses on an area of effect type of attack and stunning enemies. By using the green magic, you could also shock enemies and create decoys, if needed.

The basic attack on offer here would be the dart, which basically is a projectile light that is effective for medium-range. Some other uses of the spell include marking enemies for certain charged attacks, which makes them walking targets. Additionally, there are three spells that branch out for the green magic, which are as follows:

  • Storm Dart: AOE type of attack which targets Frey’s proximity. Upon being used, any darts that are embedded in your enemies will be shockwaved, once. 
  • Seeker Dart: Close/medium ranged attack that spots out any darts (if there are) embedded in enemies. The same is done in the form of lightning strikes. 
  • Pulse Dart: Another medium-ranged spell on offer that outputs light beams that target darts that are embedded in enemies. These beams can shoot through and damage multiple enemies at once. 

Along with these attack-type spells on offer, Olas’ magic also includes some other support spells and some other attack spells. For instance, spells like aggression would allow you to send out darts toward some enemies, especially so for charged attacks. Finally, Olas’ spells have better utility against large groups of enemies that are at a distance. The Marking ability is a massive help toward accuracy as well.

That’s everything we had on all the types of magic in Forspoken.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2023

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