How to Fast Travel in Blasphemous

Here to know about fast traveling in Blasphemous? Don’t worry we got you.

How to Fast Travel in Blasphemous

Can we Fast Travel in Blasphemous?

Now before we even start this the first question would be ‘can we even fast travel in Blasphemous?’. The answer to this is, yes. We can fast travel in Blasphemous. Some people might get confused at the feature here doesn’t work like in other games.

How to Fast Travel in Blasphemous?

You can fast travel in Blasphemous but it is not available every time and everywhere. There are limited number of fast travel points and they are pretty far from each other. You will have to go ahead and unlock it.

The first fast travel point that you will encounter would be located on Mercy Dreams – East with the second one being in Albero. You unlock the first one and then go for the second. The main point of the game is not to be easy and having too many fast travel points would eliminate that concept.

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Last Updated on September 13, 2019

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